International Journal of Academic Research and Development
International Journal of Academic Research and Development
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Effect of water soluble fertilizer on yield and economics of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]
Pages: 01-03  
A study on pattern of Tobacco use among Rickshaw pullers of district Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Pages: 04-10  
Comparative study of J.K. Cement Limited and Ultratech Cement Limited
Pages: 11-14  
Attitude towards digital learning among B.ED. Students
Pages: 15-18  
Shyness and school phobia among school going children
Pages: 19-23  
Integrating social justice education for a just and egalitarian society: Pushing beyond the boundaries of possibilities in Nigerian education
Pages: 24-29  
An analysis of working capital management of Malayala Manorama Sicaf Pvt. Ltd.
Pages: 30-32  
Mango as a special fruit of India with historical perspective
Pages: 33-36  
Beneath and beyond the slogan “Publish or Perish”
Pages: 37-41  
Flipping the classroom environment: Effect on students’ academic achievement
Pages: 42-47  
Biological control of Alternaria brassicae (BERK.) Leaf spot disease of Brassica campestris Linn. By antagonist Streptomyces carcinomycicus strain
Pages: 48-50  
Use of skills and knowledge effect of rural electrification on the household well-being of proprietors of micro and small enterprises in Kenya
Pages: 51-59  
Performance of broiler feed with different levels of fresh Saluyot (Corchorus olitorius) Leaves as feed substitute
Pages: 60-63  
Extent to which academic performance influences re-careering among working-class students in selected Kenyan Public Universities
Pages: 64-69  
Effect of cationic micellar catalysis on the hydrolysis of mono-2-methoxy phenyl phosphoramide ester
Pages: 70-72  
Isolation and identification of Acinetobacter species and its antibiotic resistance at a tertiary care hospital in Solapur, Maharashtra
Pages: 73-75  
The concept of identity reconstruction by Black South Africans in Coetzee’s “Waiting for the Barbarians” and “Foe”
Pages: 76-79  
Tribal identity: A case of the tribal groups of Kerala India and Western Bahr el-Ghazal
Pages: 80-86  
Comparision of stretching vs myofascial release on Iliotibial band syndrome in state level runners
Pages: 87-89  
To analyse the sound absorption characteristics of banana mat
Pages: 90-96  
A complete analysis on financial performance of EXIM bank ltd.
Pages: 97-102  
A comparative study of learning English as a second language between physically disabled and normal learners
Pages: 103-108  
Impact of free trade on the economy of Asia
Pages: 109-114  
Mastery learning strategy and attitude towards chemistry among secondary school students in Rivers State
Pages: 115-119  
The relationship of extroversion and introversion with writing skills of males and female’s learners at graduate level
Pages: 120-125  
Role of parents in the use of technology in middle childhood
Pages: 126-129  
Effect of methanolic leaf extract of Calotropis procera on the longevity of Adult Culex quinquefasciatus after ten generations
Pages: 130-133  
Identification and remediation of student’s learning difficulties in geometry in Rivers State
Pages: 134-141  
Effect of interest rates and capital adequacy on financial distress in deposit taking savings and credit cooperative organizations in Kenya
Pages: 142-147  
Effect of activity-based learning strategies on physics students’ interest and academic performance in physics, in Yenagoa Metropolis, Bayelsa State
Pages: 148-154  
Madhavaraya Temple of Halekoote: An overview
Pages: 155-157  
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