International Journal of Academic Research and Development
International Journal of Academic Research and Development
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Service based trust and reputation of cloud and wireless sensor networks
Pages: 01-06  
Determinants of turnover intention in academic institutions: Study conducted on wolaitasodo University, Ethiopia
Pages: 07-14  
A research paper: Four wheel three mode steering system
Pages: 15-18  
Parental participation in education
Pages: 19-20  
Assessment of the effect of globalization on the 21st century skills among automobile technology graduates from technical colleges in osun state
Pages: 21-26  
The core values of Russia foreign policy: Assessing its historical and geopolitical variables which have determined and are still determining its actions during the 21st century
Pages: 27-33  
Assess the knowledge regarding prevention of needle stick injury among staff nurses at NMCH, Nellore
Pages: 34-35  
Factory automation: A tool to create competitive advantage
Pages: 36-39  
Creation and management of brand equity for sustainable competitive advantage
Pages: 40-46  
Electronic human resource management practices in different organisations in India
Pages: 47-53  
Conflict management in community school
Pages: 54-61  
Production of turmeric in India: An analysis
Pages: 62-67  
Study on the decisive factors of ownership of the land occupied by traders adjoining to the sacred sites and related impediments (Special reference to Kataragama Sacred zone in Sri Lanka)
Pages: 68-75  
Role and changing status of women in Kashmir
Pages: 76-78  
An investigation into the factors constraining implementation of international development projects in South Sudan
Pages: 79-88  
Assessment of ground water quality from near municipal solid waste dumping sites of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 89-92  
India and Pakistan –The structural relationship
Pages: 93-94  
Measuring service quality in Islamic banks: An empirical study in Lebanon
Pages: 95-104  
Cultural studies of Macrophomina phaseolina causing Root Rot disease of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Pages: 105-108  
Quality circles in promoting employee performance in service sector at Bangalore city
Pages: 109-115  
An analysis of educational technology usages of college students in learning process
Pages: 116-119  
Customers’ awareness on Goods and Service Tax (GST)
Pages: 120-123  
The relationship among brand image, perceived quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty: an empirical study on Azadea group in Lebanon
Pages: 124-132  
Agricultural reforms and emerging business opportunities
Pages: 133-136  
Effectiveness of flipped classroom approach among teacher trainees
Pages: 137-139  
Four courageous decisions of Sita in Valmiki Ramayana
Pages: 140-141  
From balanced scorecard to the science of strategy execution: 25 years of research creating shared value and positive impact
Pages: 142-144  
The influence of beneficiary participation on sustainability of donor-funded projects in Tanzania a case study of OLMULO water project in Arusha
Pages: 145-150  
Experimental studies on water absorption and sorptivity of cashew nut shell ash in mortar
Pages: 151-155  
The assessment of auditors’ independence on financial reporting; Nigerian experience
Pages: 156-160  
Sexual violence against minor girls: Strengthening the protective environment in the city of Porto-Novo
Pages: 161-171  
Energy as a political weapon of foreign policy: The Russian case
Pages: 172-174  
Safety considerations in mutual fund investments: An empirical overview
Pages: 175-179  
The role of strategic planning in the performance of public institutions in Tanzania case study of Tanzania national parks
Pages: 180-184  
Factors affecting the adoption of drip irrigation technology among smallholder farmers in Tanzania: A case of Arumeru district, Arushan
Pages: 185-187  
A study on the impact of employing electronic human resource practices on the training and development activities of HR managers
Pages: 188-193  
A study on the influence of urban physical milieu on women’s involvement on substances: Case studies of female imprisoners in Welikada Prison, in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Pages: 194-200  
Attitude of secondary school teachers towards using technological innovations in teaching English in class rooms
Pages: 201-203  
Salaried women and their investment pattern analytical overview in Coimbatore city
Pages: 207-210  
Determinants of non-farm livelihood diversification across agro ecologically different rural settings
Pages: 211-219  
An extensive analysis of the caste system: How did it developed?
Pages: 220-222  
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