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International Journal of Academic Research and Development
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Comprehensive analysis of technique used for classification of diseases using image processing mechanism
Pages: 01-04  
Relationship between classroom management belief and academic optimism: The case of secondary school teachers in central zone of Tigray, Ethiopia
Pages: 05-10  
Understanding the status of literacy and education in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 11-16  
Catalysts of ethnic identity the case study of tribal groups of western Bahr el Ghazal, South Sudan and Wayanad district of Kerala, India
Pages: 17-25  
Immediate effect of self myofascial release on the planter aspect of feet to increase hamstring flexibility in badminton players
Pages: 26-29  
An experimental study to compare the level of knowledge of nursing students attending spaced learning technique and traditional class regarding art at Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 30-32  
On negative Pell equation y2 = 20x2 - 11
Pages: 33-40  
Gender discrimination at work place
Pages: 41-42  
On the positive Pell equation y2 =14x2 + 18
Pages: 43-50  
Socio-economic factors for improvement of the life of elderly people
Pages: 51-56  
Need of cultural orientation for the promotion of tribal education
Pages: 57-60  
Saudi Arabia booking information system
Pages: 61-65  
Swami Vivekananda’s practical Vedanta: Ideas and thoughts
Pages: 66-67  
Shravanabelagola Akka’s Basadi: A review
Pages: 68-69  
Hoysal Malleshwara and keshva temple a study (special reffernce to hoysala someshwara-1250 ad)
Pages: 70-71  
Malalēśvara temple of Kodamballi in Channapattana taluk: A study
Pages: 72-73  
The quest for self in the novels of Shashi Deshpande: Symbol and imagery
Pages: 74-77  
Role of new media in political communication during election
Pages: 78-81  
Impacts of culture on brand positioning and international marketing
Pages: 82-86  
Reservation system in India vis-à-vis right to equality: A critical study
Pages: 87-90  
A study on the socio-economic conditions of migrant workers in rural Thrissur
Pages: 91-93  
Secure routing in a layer wise perspective to attacks & its countermeasure: A survey
Pages: 94-96  
Comparative study of selected physiological and psychological variables among vegetarian and non-vegetarian runners
Pages: 97-99  
Causal relationship among the stock markets: An empirical study on BRICS Countries
Pages: 100-105  
On the homogeneous ternary quadratic equation 5x2 – 2y2 =18z2
Pages: 106-110  
A perspective on the Silicate silicon estimation of a wetland ecosystem
Pages: 111-115  
Antimicrobial activity and phytochemical analysis of aerial parts of Cynodon dactylon
Pages: 116-121  
Foreign portfolio investment in India and its consequence on economic portrayers
Pages: 122-125  
Working conditions of nurses in public and private hospital of Coimbatore district: An analytical overview
Pages: 126-129  
On the ternary quadratic Diophantine equation 6(X2 + Y2)-11XY + 2(X + Y) + 4 = 27Z2
Pages: 130-135  
Effect of cyriax physiotherapy on pain and functional disability in badminton players with tennis elbow
Pages: 136-139  
A review of technical education and vocational training in Zambia: Enhancing the role of social partners
Pages: 140-155  
Perspective on growth of MSME sector in India: A discussion paper
Pages: 156-159  
Synthesis, growth and characterization studies on L-arginine and dinitrate
Pages: 160-163  
Institutional and government markets: Strategies and initiatives
Pages: 164-168  
On the non-homogeneous ternary cubic equation 3(x2 + y2) - 5xy =47z3
Pages: 169-171  
Clinicoradiological profile of Hirayama disease: An experience from a tertiary care centre in Kerala
Pages: 172-179  
Effects of aerobic training and resistance training in series and parallel on speed, muscular endurance and heart rate at rest
Pages: 180-184  
Effects of aerobic training and resistance training in series and parallel on muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and stroke volume at rest
Pages: 185-189  
Influence of dietary intake and energy expenditure on nutritional status of sports students: A comparative study
Pages: 190-196  
Synthesis growth and characterization of a crystal l-histidine sodium nitrate
Pages: 197-201  
Corridor of uncertainty: E.L. Doctorow as a postmodern writer
Pages: 202-205  
The major traditional conflicts in south Sudan
Pages: 206-211  
Impact of microfinance on socio-economic status of minority communities in marathwada region
Pages: 212-215  
A study on properties of pseudostem fibers from banana fabrics
Pages: 216-217  
A study on regenerated cellulosic fabrics and its comfort properties
Pages: 218-221  
Development of automation for manual tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding
Pages: 222-224  
A study on human resource management in India Tobacco Company limited in Chennai
Pages: 225-230  
Kinetic study of D [(CH3)3Pb-CH3] by the Toluene carrier flow system
Pages: 231-233  
The scenario of sexual harassment of women at work place in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 234-237  
Classroom accommodation for ADHD children
Pages: 238-240  
A study to investigate the effects of changing values and social media on class room discipline
Pages: 241-244  
The changing marketplace challenges and opportunities
Pages: 245-248  
Network security using constrained application protocol (CoAP)
Pages: 249-253  
Evaluation of pharmacodynamic interactions of diclofenac sodium and indomethacin with aqueous extract of vitex negundo for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity
Pages: 254-257  
Vagal paraganglioma: A case report
Pages: 258-259  
Prevalence and associated factors of work related stress among nurses working in worabe comprehensive and specialized hospital, south west Ethiopia
Pages: 260-266  
Ethnobotany of plant food in Dayak tamambaloh community, west Kalimantan, Indonesia
Pages: 267-273  
Climate change and sustainable agriculture: An option for food security
Pages: 274-281  
The influence of professional competence and self-efficacy teachers’ on student achievement in economic learning
Pages: 282-285  
Process of echo word formation in bodo
Pages: 286-288  
The potentiality of Withania somnifera for human health: A mini review
Pages: 289-291  
Emerging trends, opportunities and challenges in textile industries in India
Pages: 292-295  
A survey on image scrambling encryption techniques
Pages: 298-302  
Dyeing of cotton with eco-friendly natural dye extracted from barks of Terminalia arjuna L.
Pages: 303-307  
Psychiatric medicines: A current perspective
Pages: 308-311  
Pastoralists versus farmers clashes of two economics the case of western Bahr El Ghazal, South Sudan
Pages: 312-319  
Assessment of ground water quality from near municipal solid waste dumping sites of Cuddalore –Tamil Nadu
Pages: 320-323  
Panchayati raj system in Haryana
Pages: 324-329  
Gender specific matrimonial offences under the Indian penal code: An overview
Pages: 330-333  
An overview of Mesolithic culture in Chitradurga region of Karnataka
Pages: 334-336  
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