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Effect of methanolic extract of Tribulus terrestris leaves on microbial growth
Pages: 01-02  
Antimicrobial and neuropharmacological evaluation of leaves and fruits (fruit-pulp) of Adansonia digitata L.
Pages: 03-05  
An introduction to capital market and its structure
Pages: 06-08  
Antimicrobial potential of hydrazone scaffold
Pages: 09-12  
Usefulness of television as an information supporting agency: A study of economically weaker group of women in Karnataka state
Pages: 13-16  
Studies on growth parameters and accumulation of lead content on increasing concentration of lead (PB) by yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Pages: 17-22  
A comparative study on performance of ITC hotels and Taj hotels ltd from 2013- 2017 using leverage and trend
Pages: 23-27  
Feature selection for steganalysis using artificial bee colony algorithm
Pages: 28-33  
Feeding and child caring practices
Pages: 34-36  
Extracting organisational change management elements: Exploratory factor analysis approach
Pages: 37-42  
Effect of instructional strategy on academic achievement in relation to cognitive styles & achievement motivation at secondary stage
Pages: 43-50  
Impact of FDI on India share market
Pages: 51-53  
Critical analysis of RBI as a regulatory body to financial sector
Pages: 54-57  
Investment decision of women employees in Coimbatore city: Perception and problems faced
Pages: 58-61  
Construction and validation of work stress scale in Kerala context
Pages: 62-66  
Main causes and outcomes of the third battle of Panipat
Pages: 67-70  
History and importance of Indian art in ancient times
Pages: 71-74  
Importance and impacts of Indus valley civilisation
Pages: 75-78  
Women empowerment and gender equality
Pages: 79-82  
Origin and ruling period of Delhi sultanate
Pages: 83-86  
A study on performance of Tamil Nadu newsprint and papers Ltd and JK papers limited using comparative statements
Pages: 87-94  
Role of teachers in a multicultural classroom: A sensitive approach towards diversity
Pages: 95-97  
Modern female buying behaviour assessments in Urban India
Pages: 98-102  
A study on the preferences of mutual fund investors
Pages: 103-105  
An analysis of profitability position of Havells India limited from 2013-2017
Pages: 106-109  
Digital divide: A challenge to E-Governance in India
Pages: 110-113  
A study on satisfaction level of mutual fund investors
Pages: 114-116  
A comparative study on the financial performance of the Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited and JK Paper Limited
Pages: 117-123  
Relational revision of web application security testing tools
Pages: 124-131  
A study on knowledge of investors towards mutual funds
Pages: 132-135  
A review on using social media in informal learning
Pages: 136-137  
Women’s problems in paddy field: With reference to Madiga women
Pages: 138-140  
Reproductive health of Madiga women in Vijayapura city, Karnataka, India
Pages: 141-143  
The study of relationship and factors to predict selected anthropometric variables of male and female jumpers
Pages: 144-149  
Community interaction activities by urban youth as a step towards inclusive education
Pages: 150-160  
Comparisons of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and amotivation in between team and individual sport types athletes in Ethiopia
Pages: 161-167  
Bioanalytical strategies and instruments: An overview
Pages: 168-171  
Relationship of selected physiological variables with volleyball playing ability among intercollegiate volleyball men players
Pages: 172-173  
Understanding discrimination in higher education
Pages: 174-178  
Factors that influence level of impulse buying
Pages: 179-182  
Gothrabandhu: A novel concept for promotion of tribal education
Pages: 183-186  
The impact of total quality management (TQM) policy on customer satisfaction at Kenya power and lighting company (KPLC) in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya (2010-2012)
Pages: 187-193  
A comparative study on performance of Tata consultancy services and infosys for the period 2013-2017 by using Valuation ratios
Pages: 194-198  
Examining the effect of affective experiential state with affective loyalty with special reference to theme park Chennai city in India
Pages: 199-205  
A study of academic stress in male tribal secondary school students of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 206-207  
Soft skills: An effective way of teaching and learning English language
Pages: 208-209  
A unique case of brucellosis with central nervous system vasculitis and literature review
Pages: 210-213  
A study on relationship between home environment and academic achievement among secondary school students of Champhai town, Mizoram
Pages: 214-217  
Institutional credit to agriculture in north eastern states: Problems and prospects
Pages: 218-221  
E-governance and its challenges
Pages: 222-226  
Teaching aptitude of prospective secondary school teachers
Pages: 227-228  
Assessment of physicochemical parameters and removal of some divalent elements in surface water
Pages: 229-231  
Impact of dividend payout decisions on firm’s equity
Pages: 232-236  
Women employees empowerment in India
Pages: 237-239  
Digital web marketing strategies for sports products
Pages: 240-243  
Packages and commodity rules, 1977 and the drugs and cosmetics act, 1940
Pages: 244-246  
India-ASEAN Relations: With special reference to strategic and security factors
Pages: 247-248  
Technological interventions for improving supply chain agility
Pages: 249-251  
Nursing practices: Troubleshooting thoracostomy tube management
Pages: 252-257  
Dumping and human rights issues
Pages: 258-264  
A study on fundamental value drivers of stock returns: Evidence from Indian market
Pages: 265-268  
Low cost PDMS based model system for biofilm studies
Pages: 269-272  
Host community attitudes toward tourism impacts: Study of high altitude tourist destination, Himalaya
Pages: 273-280  
Information literacy: An Indian scenario
Pages: 281-285  
Analysis on problem solving ability of undergraduate students
Pages: 286-288  
Analysis on difficulties facing of high school students in learning Tamil
Pages: 289-290  
Social issues of resolutions for gender disparity in current scenario
Pages: 291-294  
Forest conservation and livelihood generation through joint forest management in India
Pages: 295-299  
Prevalence of obesity among adults of Koraput district, Odisha: An anthropological study
Pages: 300-305  
The implementation of activity-based costing system in Yemeni companies: A review
Pages: 306-308  
Poverty alleviation through women empowerment: Kudumbashree mission’s a journey to gender friendly environment for further diversification
Pages: 309-313  
Effect of manufacturer based problems on retail sector
Pages: 319-321  
A study of death anxiety and mental well-being among people living with HIV/AIDS
Pages: 322-324  
Social challenges faced by working women in service sector
Pages: 325-331  
Synergy effect of cross border acquisitions: Evidence from India
Pages: 332-335  
Impact of an economics of clinical operations course on faculty satisfaction
Pages: 336-340  
Economic conditions Vijayanagara Empire in south India with special reference to Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 341-344  
Comparative study of selected physical fitness components between hockey and soccer players of university level
Pages: 345-347  
Need to strengthen UN peace-keeping operations
Pages: 348-349  
Projective techniques in consumer research
Pages: 350-354  
Role of NABARD: An analysis of SHG: Bank linkage programme in Haryana: An overview
Pages: 355-358  
Social construction of HIV/AIDS risk and Medicalization of social space: Critical view from Foucault Bio-Politics
Pages: 359-369  
Migration: A study of Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 370-374  
Therapeutic effect of Thespesia populnea L. on opportunistic pathogens of HIV/AIDS patients
Pages: 375-383  
Machine learning algorithms for text-documents classification: A review
Pages: 384-389  
Goods and service tax (GST): India’s new vision
Pages: 390-394  
The influence of entrepreneurial training on entrepreneurs
Pages: 395-398  
Comparison of personality factors with the parental education of high and low socio-economic status groups
Pages: 399-403  
Glimpses of disloyalty in relationships in John Updike’s Fiction
Pages: 404-411  
Attitude towards text messaging and socio-economic status of post graduate students
Pages: 412-415  
Zambia’s industrialisation agenda: A case for local content in the mining industry
Pages: 416-424  
A study on the ethics and morality of legal profession
Pages: 425-429  
E-governance in India and its challenges
Pages: 430-432  
Effect of training and career development to employee performance through organization commitment pt. berkat sahabat sejati Indonesia
Pages: 433-440  
A study on the characteristics of legalese and plain English language
Pages: 441-445  
Comparative study on the dietary food habit of adolescences girls of urban, rural and slum areas
Pages: 446-449  
Impact of macroeconomic variables on the selected Indian sectoral indices: An empirical analysis
Pages: 450-456  
Studies on effect of different concentration of carbon and nitrogen sources on growth and biomass production of Beauveria bassiana
Pages: 457-458  
A study on the high school dropouts its causes, risk factors and solutions
Pages: 459-465  
To assess the awareness of nutrients among high, middle and low income group
Pages: 466-471  
Aspects of indigenous knowledge system of weather prediction by peasants farmers in Akwa Ibom state, south-south, Nigeria
Pages: 472-479  
A study on student’s perception towards branded colleges in west Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 480-483  
A study of concept of limited liability partnership in India
Pages: 484-490  
Study of comparison between thermal conductivity of silver/benzene and TiO2/benzene nanofluids based on heat pipe application
Pages: 491-494  
A study on the awareness and participation of the people in the e-governance
Pages: 495-502  
Impact of social media on JNU Azadi movement: A network analysis of student movement in India
Pages: 503-507  
Isolation of clerodin from Clerodendron infortunatum Linn. and its anthelminthic activity
Pages: 508-512  
Statistical analysis of water deficiency and crop water requirement of cotton in northern Maharashtra region
Pages: 513-519  
Perception of scheduled caste SHG women on their status: An empirical study
Pages: 520-522  
“Network” migration: An instrument to access “un-codified” innovation
Pages: 523-527  
Quality of infrastructural facilities and governance of public and private sponsored special economic zones in India
Pages: 528-531  
Multiple taxation to unified tax system: An Indian scenario
Pages: 532-537  
Second urbanization in the chronology of Indian history
Pages: 538-542  
Prosthodontic considerations of gingival biotype
Pages: 543-545  
Sex selective abortions: A legislative approach
Pages: 546-555  
Fast food consumption & its impact on adolescents
Pages: 556-559  
Multi-vendor multi-buyer supply chain optimization model with perishable products
Pages: 560-565  
Indigenous religion and being human: The case of ‘waaqeffanaa’ religion of the Oromo people
Pages: 566-574  
Analysis of gender differences in resilience to drought in rural households of lay Gayint district, Ethiopia
Pages: 575-579  
The strange case of Billy Biswas: A study of dichotomic cultures
Pages: 580-582  
Job satisfaction: A comparative study among government and private school teacher’s
Pages: 583-585  
Study the effect of mother’s educational qualifications on social behaviour of high school students
Pages: 586-590  
Qualitative research: Criteria of evaluation
Pages: 591-596  
Study of rural travel characteristics with special reference to agriculture: Case study, Jalangi block, Murshidabad, West Bengal
Pages: 597-602  
Taking entrepreneurship to the classroom
Pages: 603-605  
Impact of adoption and usage of ICT innovation on small scale business in Zambia
Pages: 606-616  
Role of information technology in refining the sports to Encourage ‘social development in India’
Pages: 617-619  
Increasing interest in learning English language and its importance in education
Pages: 620-621  
Feminist consciousness: A study of second wave feminism in America
Pages: 622-623  
Saturation in qualitative research: Considerations and limitations
Pages: 624-628  
Customer relationship management: A key to business success
Pages: 629-631  
Quality of life among senior citizens residing at homes and old age homes of Pune city
Pages: 632-634  
Effectiveness of environmental law in India: An analytical study
Pages: 635-640  
The role of public cloud computing
Pages: 641-644  
Private equity investments in Tamil Nadu: Factors defining it
Pages: 645-649  
Effect of integrated weed management on growth, productivity and economics of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill]
Pages: 650-652  
Curriculum reforms and quality education in library and information science departments in Indian universities and institutes: An overview by
Pages: 653-657  
Indian higher education: The contemporary issues
Pages: 658-660  
Study on ideology formation of a foreign policy
Pages: 661-664  
Make in India through Swadeshi product: A case study of FMCG giant Patanjali Yog Peeth
Pages: 665-672  
Network security assessment for vulnerabilities and intrusion detection
Pages: 673-675  
Correlation and linear regression as a water quality monitoring tool for Serlui River in Kolasib district, Mizoram, India
Pages: 676-680  
African American experience in Edward P. Jones and Paul Beatty’s selected novels
Pages: 681-684  
The symbiotic nuances of cyber and national security
Pages: 685-688  
Analgesic and antimicrobial effect of methanolic extract of Tephrosia purpurea root bark
Pages: 689-690  
Nutritional status of tribal mothers and children (0-5 years) of Nabarangpur district, Orissa: An anthropological approach
Pages: 691-697  
Work life balance among women employees: A study of service sector in India
Pages: 698-700  
Controlling the growth of oligarchic capitalism in India through corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Pages: 701-703  
Railway tracks based hybrid power generation
Pages: 704-706  
Biomass production in Typha angustata (Aquatic macrophytes)
Pages: 707-708  
Review of current advent bond of cryptography and steganography
Pages: 709-710  
Corporate social responsibility: An inevitable trend in the emerging corporate world
Pages: 711-715  
A study on organizational morale
Pages: 716-718  
Morphological analysis of blackgram cultivated around cement factory of Tirunelveli district, India
Pages: 719-720  
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana extinguishing India-Bharat divide: A SWOT analysis
Pages: 721-725  
Quality of life among individuals with sickle cell disease: A study from Koraput district, Odisha
Pages: 726-730  
Cultural conflicts in Toni Morrison's Tar Baby
Pages: 731-734  
A study of women struggling for freedom towards in novel of Shasi Despande
Pages: 735-740  
A law that cures: The case of secondary patents in India
Pages: 741-742  
An outlook on disaster management
Pages: 743-745  
Jayanta Mahapatra: The mouth-piece of India
Pages: 746-753  
Green economy, green growth and sustainable development: A life blood to new generation
Pages: 754-757  
Branding strategies of the domestic and foreign brands: A meta analysis
Pages: 758-761  
Education and rural development
Pages: 762-765  
Dr. BR Ambedkar and Buddhism: Need of the hour
Pages: 766-767  
Exploration of socio-scientific issues in upper primary science textbooks developed by NCERT
Pages: 768-773  
A study of education interest of higher secondary student of tribal dominated areas of Chhattisgarh: with reference to gender
Pages: 774-775  
Comparison of selected anthropometric measurements between football and hockey players of Panjab University
Pages: 776-778  
Community Participation in Integrated Child Development Services Programme in Malwa Region of Punjab
Pages: 779-782  
Gender quota and female representation
Pages: 783-785  
Discrimination of girl child at post-natal stage in India
Pages: 786-792  
A comparative analysis of employment generation of SEZs and labour productivity across zones: A case study of Haryana
Pages: 793-797  
Environment conservation in 21st century through traditional knowledge
Pages: 798-800  
Constitutional and government initiatives towards inclusive education in India
Pages: 801-804  
Valmiki's Ramayana: A legendary Work of Ancient India
Pages: 805-806  
A study of employees’ perception towards green HRM initiatives
Pages: 807-810  
Impact of it revolution on microfinance institutions in India
Pages: 811-816  
Self-help group (SHG) in India: An overview
Pages: 817-818  
Pollen biology and morphology of Ziziphus jujuba Mill. (Rhamnaceae)
Pages: 819-821  
Theme of alienation in Nissim Ezekiel’s poetry
Pages: 822-823  
Derivatives: An instrument of financial market
Pages: 824-827  
Sustainable development of tourism in Uttarakhand, (India)
Pages: 828-831  
Literature survey on solar and wind energy
Pages: 832-835  
Physiological profiles of university level basketball players
Pages: 836-838  
The Home a loner: Eavesdropping into The God of Small Things’ Families
Pages: 839-841  
Seasonal studies on food and feeding habit of different age groups of Garra gotyla gotyla (Gray) inhabiting River Tawi.
Pages: 842-846  
Cognitive abilities among slow learners with respect to Parents education and family income
Pages: 847-849  
A study on challenges and opportunities of sesame production (With reference to sesame farmers, tigray regional state, Ethiopia)
Pages: 850-857  
Effect of climate change on pig production and choice of adaptation strategies by farmers in southeast, Nigeria
Pages: 858-868  
The utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) on learning in the 21st century
Pages: 869-875  
A study on determinants of sesame market supply (With reference to sesame farmers, Tigray Regional state, Ethiopia)
Pages: 876-885  
Food insecurity; Consequences and coping mechanism among rural farm households in Nigeria
Pages: 886-896  
Comparative study of self-esteem scale among the players of different games
Pages: 897-898  
Effect of ergogenic aids in sports performance
Pages: 899-900  
Federalism in Indian constitution
Pages: 901-902  
A political sketch of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 903-907  
Selected physical fitness components and Kabaddi performance
Pages: 908-910  
A study on employee training in ITC-ABD ILTD, Chirala
Pages: 911-915  
Role of liquidator in winding up process
Pages: 916-919  
Women’s representation in the state assemblies of India
Pages: 920-923  
Unusual coexistence of cytomegalovirus and Epstein: Barr virus infection in an immunocompetent adult patient
Pages: 924-926  
Effectiveness of dynamic neck exercises along with interferential therapy in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain
Pages: 927-932  
Intelligent data monitoring and mining in online social depression related networks
Pages: 933-938  
Causes, effects and control of water pollution in India
Pages: 939-942  
Role of rulers in the growth of agrarian economy in western India (c.600-1300 C.E.)
Pages: 943-944  
Enhancing linguistic skills of students through action research
Pages: 945-948  
Study on drying characteristics of vegetables
Pages: 949-954  
Comparative analysis of body fat %, body mass index and body impedance in sports and non - sports women of Kurukshetra university
Pages: 955-956  
Globalization and challenges to panchayati raj institutions
Pages: 957-960  
Dramatic innovation practices for excellence in teaching
Pages: 961-963  
Large scale solar integration in India: Economic growth & need for assessment of barriers
Pages: 964-969  
Alleviation of poverty: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Development Corporation
Pages: 970-973  
Predictors of workplace deviant behaviour
Pages: 974-977  
Effect of commercial energy drinks on the depletion of blood lactate of inter university level cyclists
Pages: 978-981  
Assess the rate of happiness between male and female Indian college students
Pages: 982-986  
A study of portrayal of women in indo-Anglian fiction
Pages: 987-989  
Silent shrieks of invisible bruises: Finding her story in partition history
Pages: 990-994  
A study on brand awareness towards selected ayurvedic healthcare products with special reference to palladam
Pages: 995-999  
Quest for heroic ideals in the novels of Manohar Malgonkar
Pages: 1000-1001  
Development of government health policy in India
Pages: 1002-1005  
Empowering experiential learning programs on higher secondary school students in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh
Pages: 1006-1010  
Traders’ perception towards goods and services taxes implementation in India with reference to Vellore district Tamil Nadu
Pages: 1011-1017  
Awareness among housewives regarding importance of family budgeting
Pages: 1018-1021  
Industrialization & environment
Pages: 1022-1023  
Banks participation in agricultural development
Pages: 1024-1026  
Impact of bleaching syndrome: The inexorable predicament of dark skinned Indian women
Pages: 1027-1035  
Role of NABARD in preserving tribal identity in Chainpur block of Gumla district
Pages: 1036-1039  
Analysis on performance comparison of national fertilizer ltd and IFFCO
Pages: 1040-1043  
A psychological conflict in Anita Desai’s Cry, the Peacock
Pages: 1044-1045  
Phytoconstituents and antibacterial activity of Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum Linn.): A review
Pages: 1046-1050  
A study of learning outcomes (The mean gain scores in physics) of ninth graders through computer based mastery learning in relation to their academic stress and parental involvement
Pages: 1051-1058  
The digital revolution: Entrepreneurial threats & prospects
Pages: 1059-1060  
Multiple intelligence: Its relevance on promotion of tribal education
Pages: 1061-1064  
Level of nutritional awareness about anaemia in adolescent females of different income ranges
Pages: 1065-1067  
Politics of Jammu and Kashmir state: A case study of 2014 assembly elections
Pages: 1068-1071  
Transforming web: Switching desktop to mobile
Pages: 1072-1074  
Knowledge regarding prevention of worm infestations among mothers of under five children
Pages: 1075-1078  
Challenges faced by the Kaziranga National Park: As a wildlife tourist destination of Assam
Pages: 1079-1080  
A study on workstation exercises with ergonomic intervention in musculoskeletal disorders among nurses
Pages: 1081-1084  
La représentation des femmes dans les nouvelles de Ruskin bond
Pages: 1085-1087  
Impact of media environment on adolescent child: A systematic narrative review of nuclear family
Pages: 1088-1093  
Effect of resistance training on nerve function in type 2 diabetic patients asymptomatic to autonomic dysfunction
Pages: 1094-1098  
A study on performance of BSE stock market in India during the period of implementation phase of GST from June 1st to October 31st 2017
Pages: 1099-1104  
Gender and soap operas: Issues in Hindi language family based Teleserials in India
Pages: 1105-1108  
Ethnicity and nationalism: A theoretical perspectives
Pages: 1109-1111  
Bitcoin price prediction
Pages: 1112-1114  
Emotional intelligence of college students among joint and nuclear family
Pages: 1115-1119  
Behavioral advertising: Challenges and opportunities for online advertisers
Pages: 1120-1124  
Balance between antioxidant enzyme and lipid peroxidation in diabetes neuropathy
Pages: 1125-1128  
Problems and prospects of readymade garment exports from India to the United Arab Emirates
Pages: 1129-1134  
Physico-chemical characteristics and diversity of zooplankton in Kallambella tank, Tumkur district, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1135-1137  
A study on bandwagon consumption behaviour among mobile phone consumers in rural Kerala
Pages: 1138-1144  
Comparative study of physicochemical properties and antioxidant analysis on refined and unrefined edible oils
Pages: 1145-1148  
Study of employee performance appraisal methods in hospitals
Pages: 1149-1153  
Contemporary issues in Indian teacher education
Pages: 1154-1157  
A review on the definitions of internet overuse behavior
Pages: 1158-1162  
Improving healthcare in India through m-Health: A healthcare professional perspective
Pages: 1163-1167  
Sustainability of women micro enterprises: The need of the hour
Pages: 1168-1174  
A study of different issues of disinvestment in Indian public sector
Pages: 1175-1179  
Impact of renaissance on reformation
Pages: 1180-1182  
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s role in women empowerment
Pages: 1183-1184  
Studies on physico-chemical parameters of Siddapura Lake, Madhugiri taluk, Tumkur dist, India
Pages: 1185-1189  
A role of family secrets and silences in Austin Clarke's The Polished Hoe and Denise Harris’s web of secrets: A comparative study
Pages: 1190-1195  
A study of technology literacy among the school teachers in Sriperumpudur Taluk
Pages: 1196-1199  
Biology, methods of fishing and economic importance of cephalopods in southeast coastal, Gulf of Mannar
Pages: 1200-1203  
Teacher education in present scenario
Pages: 1204-1207  
Early marriage & its health consequences in India
Pages: 1208-1210  
Student’s awareness regarding the medicinal value of aloe vera
Pages: 1211-1214  
Study of self-concept and emotional maturity across gender
Pages: 1215-1217  
Role of NLCIL in the societal development
Pages: 1218-1222  
Industrial automation, monitoring and control using mobile SCADA
Pages: 1223-1226  
Comparative assessment in enzyme activities during vermicomposting of bio-degradable wastes
Pages: 1227-1230  
Determinants of capital structure in Ethiopian private manufacturing sector
Pages: 1231-1240  
Multimedia technology in higher education: New era outreach learning
Pages: 1241-1244  
Parenting style and adolescent suicide ideation: A review
Pages: 1245-1252  
Determinants of employee relations practices in grade 1 construction firms in Ethiopia
Pages: 1253-1262  
A study on the effect of basketball specific endurance circuit training on the heart rate of male young basketball players: the case of second division male basketball players
Pages: 1263-1266  
Effectiveness of demonstration on pupil’s achievement in mathematics
Pages: 1267-1269  
Texture based performance analysis of image retrieval approach
Pages: 1270-1273  
Deception and revelation in Manju Kapur’s: The immigrant
Pages: 1274-1276  
Security issues in wireless sensor network: A review
Pages: 1277-1281  
Challenges for smart environment: A review
Pages: 1282-1287  
A study on occupational stress among hotel employees
Pages: 1288-1291  
An analysis of social sector expenditure in India since ninth five year plan
Pages: 1292-1298  
Impact of employing E-HRM practices on the recruitment and selection processes of HR managers
Pages: 1299-1303  
Empowerment of women through education: Prospects and challenges
Pages: 1304-1306  
Challenges and redressal of matter of medical negligence: A legal study
Pages: 1307-1310  
Deep learning based detection and recognition of objects using mobile nets and SSDs
Pages: 1311-1316  
Overview of employee relation trends in the Ethiopian construction sector
Pages: 1317-1325  
Ecology of lakes and its conservation
Pages: 1326-1328  
Interim measures by the court and arbitral tribunal: A critical study in the light of new amendments
Pages: 1329-1332  
Comparison of performance of students of class x in mathematics between rural and urban areas of Karimganj district
Pages: 1333-1343  
Impact of stress on college students: An empirical study
Pages: 1344-1346  
An empirical study of ratio analysis in the context of public sector bank
Pages: 1347-1351  
Phytochemical analysis of some plants of family Lamiaceae occurring in local area of Deulgaon Raja
Pages: 1352-1354  
Comparison of biological learning outcomes, using problem based instruction and two stay two stray model, on the subject of plant structure
Pages: 1355-1359  
Enhancement mastery of kanji, with direct strategy (Chokusetsu sutorateji)
Pages: 1360-1363  
Capital punishment in modern era in refrence to Indian context
Pages: 1364-1367  
Impact of the type of afforestation on the dynamics of the flora in the semi-deciduous forest zone: Case of the classified forest of Bouaflé (West-center of Côte d'Ivoire)
Pages: 1368-1374  
An empirical study on the financial appraisal of select fertilizer companies in India
Pages: 1375-1378  
Plant folk medicines of Leguminosae, practiced in Deulgaon Raja Tahasil, Buldana (MH), India
Pages: 1379-1382  
Dynamics of Ecocriticism
Pages: 1383-1385  
A study on attitude towards democracy of higher secondary students of Vellore district
Pages: 1386-1387  
The effect of sports specific circuit training and high intensity interval training on aerobic capacity in male basketball players: The case of Addis Ababa male basketball players
Pages: 1388-1393  
Youth population: An asset - only when supported by education and employability
Pages: 1394-1398  
Test-pack management system
Pages: 1399-1405  
Comparison of effectiveness of employee engagement through permanent employees or outsourced employees
Pages: 1406-1408  
Corporate social responsibility
Pages: 1409-1410  
Exploring the challenges of smart city creation through an understanding of citizens’ participation: The case of Jalandhar city, Punjab
Pages: 1411-1414  
Medical negligence in India: A study with special reference to liability in tort
Pages: 1415-1422  
Two special types of Binomial distribution
Pages: 1423-1424  
Imperial women in colonial setting: fiction, female identity and the British Empire
Pages: 1425-1429  
Educational contributions of London missionary society in Travancore
Pages: 1430-1433  
Could using the sport Flutie effect phenomenon revitalize commencements in higher education?
Pages: 1435-1437  
Secularism, majoritarianism and identity constructions in dattani’s Final solutions
Pages: 1438-1442  
Reflections on Burte-Dobur: A traditional practice among the Mishings of Sadiya, Assam
Pages: 1443-1445  
Case study: Stress, anxiety and depression
Pages: 1446-1447  
Design and analysis of centralizer used in wellbore
Pages: 1448-1453  
Study on leadership quality among different postgraduate students belongs to Jammu and Kashmir State
Pages: 1454-1455  
Analytical study of health related physical fitness of college level students among different communities in Jammu and Kashmir State
Pages: 1456-1459  
Comparison of self-concept among sports and non-sports persons
Pages: 1460-1462  
Determinants of household food security in southern Tigray, northern Ethiopia
Pages: 1463-1471  
Gender attitude towards selection of mathematics as subject
Pages: 1472-1474  
Upliftment of minorities through empowerment in India: A socio–legal study
Pages: 1475-1477  
Disclosure of corporate governance practices in Indian life insurance companies
Pages: 1478-1481  
A temporal study of changing dynamics of Loktak Lake in Manipur using remote sensing and GIS techniques
Pages: 1482-1486  
Independence of judiciary in India: A critical analysis
Pages: 1487-1492  
Stress treatment
Pages: 1493-1494  
Challenges for women entrepreneurs in India
Pages: 1495-1497  
Comparative study of spiritual values and spiritual personality among MBBS and social work students
Pages: 1498-1500  
Anthropometric and biochemical assessment of selected haemodialysis patients in Salem district
Pages: 1501-1503  
Immunity and Ayurveda
Pages: 1504-1507  
Comparative study of agility and speed between tribal and non-tribal intercollegiate male soccer players
Pages: 1508-1509  
Comparative study of mental imagery between sports and non-sports persons
Pages: 1510-1511  
Comparative study of social behaviour between physical education students and academic students
Pages: 1512-1513  
An analytical study of obesity and strength and endurance among citizens of Bilaspur city
Pages: 1514-1516  
Effect of planned teaching program on knowledge regarding mobile game addiction among students in Sangli city
Pages: 1517-1518  
Public participation and urban governance in India
Pages: 1519-1523  
Preventing crimes against women in India: A critical study
Pages: 1524-1528  
Removal of cod from effluent by MBBR: Moving bed biofilm reactor
Pages: 1536-1537  
In-vitro thrombolytic and anti inflammatory activity of Cipadessa baccifera (Roth) Miq. and Elytraria acaulis (L.f) Lindau
Pages: 1538-1541  
Effect of processing on selected nutrient profile of garden cress seeds and development of garden cress seed based muffin
Pages: 1542-1547  
Nutritional intake practices of Ethiopian runners
Pages: 1548-1551  
Effect of 6 weeks kettle bell and battle rope training on selected physical variables among inter collegiate volleyball players
Pages: 1552-1555  
Old buildings are green buildings
Pages: 1556-1558  
Role of Mahesh Dattani in reviving Indian English drama
Pages: 1559-1561  
Essence of corporate social responsibility in private banks in India
Pages: 1562-1566  
Health related physical fitness and psychological well-being and current attitude and study habits
Pages: 1567-1569  
Comparative study of self-esteem between physical education teachers and other teachers belongs to Bilaspur division
Pages: 1570-1571  
Library scenario in India
Pages: 1572-1574  
Employee empowerment: Exploring the relationship with organisational support and employee commitment
Pages: 1575-1580  
Characterization and determination of stability and constant of transition metal complexes with schiff bases containing amino acid
Pages: 1581-1583  
Nanotechnology applications to telecommunications and networking
Pages: 1584-1586  
State-civil society relations in South Africa
Pages: 1587-1590  
Food for thought: Relevance of food narratives in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children and Arundhati Roy's God of Small Things
Pages: 1591-1597  
Significance of surrogacy (regulation) bill, 2016
Pages: 1598-1600  
Factors influencing the work culture of district central co-operative banking system in Punjab
Pages: 1601-1604  
Facilities provided by the primary education schools - A study in east Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 1605-1607  
A study of attitude of Bhotia tribe towards women education
Pages: 1608-1612  
Identity and selfhood: construction and fragmentation of the female identity in caryl churchill’s select plays
Pages: 1613-1617  
Relative economic behavior of Jain entrepreneurs
Pages: 1618-1621  
Effects of strength training parallel with plyometric and cross-training on speed
Pages: 1622-1623  
An overview of women empowerment in India
Pages: 1624-1625  
Academic achievement among migrant and non-migrant secondary school students in Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 1626-1629  
Interaction analysis of classroom behaviour of effective and ineffective college of education teachers
Pages: 1630-1639  
Maya Angelou: An inspiration for women empowerment …with particular reference to her autobiographies
Pages: 1640-1644  
Impact of multimedia package on achievement of mathematics of X class students
Pages: 1645-1647  
Legal delineation of business methods as patent eligible subject matter: A study in the light of quartet cases of the decade
Pages: 1648-1655  
Gandhian ideologies and their impact on human beings: Studying relevance of various perspectives in today’s society
Pages: 1656-1658  
Metaphorical Inflation of satire in order to raise the level of moral concern in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal
Pages: 1659-1660  
Application of Gandhi’s concept of Non-violence and freedom in present society
Pages: 1661-1662  
The impact of CSR and business ethical practices: A study on Indian organizations
Pages: 1663-1665  
Anthropometric measurements of football and volleyball players: A comparative study
Pages: 1666-1668  
Studies on complexation and mechanism of the interaction of metal complexes of amino acid with transition metals and determination of stability constant
Pages: 1669-1671  
Environmental Nanotechnology: Applications and impacts of Nano materials
Pages: 1672-1674  
Assessment of opportunities and challenges of tourism industry in Karnataka
Pages: 1675-1678  
E-learning and higher education
Pages: 1679-1682  
A study on CMS with web usage solutions
Pages: 1683-1685  
Water resource management in Karnataka: With special reference to Chickballapur district
Pages: 1686-1690  
Comparative analysis of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana and state disaster response fund
Pages: 1691-1693  
Mahatma Phule and women
Pages: 1694-1697  
Russian ideological state apparatus
Pages: 1698-1701  
Parental Encouragement and Academic achievement of children of working and non-working mothers of Kashmir
Pages: 1702-1705  
Growth and challenges for banks and financial institutions in India
Pages: 1706-1708  
Efficacy of speed agility quickness drills on selected bio-motor abilities among university athletes
Pages: 1709-1710  
Implication of yogic practice and Swiss ball training on hormone triiodothyronine (T3) in physical education students
Pages: 1711-1713  
Role of Self Help Group-Bank Linkage Programme
Pages: 1714-1716  
Motif of childhood in poetry-With special reference to Blake, Wordsworth, Tagore and other poets
Pages: 1717-1720  
E-way bill: An electronic system for movement of goods
Pages: 1721-1723  
Efficacy of intensive and extensive interval training on speed endurance of physical education students of Annamalai University
Pages: 1724-1726  
Fast food business in India
Pages: 1727-1729  
Termites: A classical system of insect evolution displaying mutualistic cooperation with multiple Symbionts
Pages: 1730-1735  
SK DEY’S contribution to the Indian political thought
Pages: 1736-1738  
Adjustment in relation to mental health of adolescents
Pages: 1739-1740  
Role of the public sector banks and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME'S) in India: An overview
Pages: 1741-1743  
Panchayat and rural development: A case study of Kudhani block under Muzaffarpur district, Bihar
Pages: 1744-1747  
The research on the extraction of fatty substances from non-textile residues of the cocoon milling production
Pages: 1748-1749  
Green Marketing
Pages: 1750-1751  
Fine-tuning credit disbursement in the microfinance space in Bangalore rural district
Pages: 1752-1756  
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