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A comprehensive study of the classical school of criminology
Pages: 01-06  
Optimising the performance of India’s currency derivatives market
Pages: 07-13  
Philosophy of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ & contemporary age of conflicts
Pages: 14-17  
A qualitative study of educational ideals, values and contributions of Mahatma Gandhiji
Pages: 18-20  
Historical analysis of applied and engaged Buddhism and its precepts in Indian sub-continent
Pages: 21-23  
Exploration of dilemmas in familial relationships in Dattani’s Do the needful
Pages: 24-26  
Maya’s cry for sleep in Anita Desai’s cry the peacock
Pages: 27-29  
A study on the satisfaction level of sales managers towards training and development programs of life insurance companies
Pages: 30-35  
Public investment on primary education: A study in Karnataka
Pages: 36-41  
Patriarchy in Girish Karnad’s Nagamandala: A perspective
Pages: 42-45  
E-learning in a developing country like India
Pages: 46-49  
The study on saving habits of rural women’s with special reference to Pollachi
Pages: 50-52  
Feminist perspective in shashi deshpande's novels
Pages: 53-58  
GST (Good and Service Tax) in India
Pages: 59-62  
Mathematical modeling and simulation of quarter car model of an active air suspension
Pages: 63-69  
Emerson’s philosophical ideology about Man, God and Nature
Pages: 70-75  
The reason of ailments in ornamental fishes in Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli district at Tamil Nadu state
Pages: 76-78  
Important facilities available in MNC’S for the benefit of women employees
Pages: 79-80  
Newari Guthis in Sikkim
Pages: 81-83  
Violence in and against children
Pages: 84-85  
Islamic banking in UK, challenges & opportunities
Pages: 86-94  
Effect of aerobic training and resistance training in series and parallel on muscular endurance, cardio vascular endurance and heart rate at rest
Pages: 95-99  
Impact of the mid-day meal scheme on the enrollment status of secondary school students in district Anantnag
Pages: 100-104  
A study of different ICT services offered by educational institutes: For quality improvement
Pages: 105-107  
Evolution of presidential system in US and Russia
Pages: 108-111  
A comparative study between Buddhist mantra Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ and śaivite mantra Oṃ Namaḥ Śivāya
Pages: 112-115  
Women in Jammu and Kashmir: Political empowerment and participation
Pages: 116-118  
India’s nuclear programme: A study of adjacent areas of the nuclear plants
Pages: 119-122  
Critical pedagogy: Essential of tribal education
Pages: 123-125  
Educational thoughts of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Pages: 126-128  
Agricultural productivity in Punjab and Haryana region: An investigation
Pages: 129-133  
Preferences in life partner selection in Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, North Kashmir, Baramullah, Bandipara and Kupwara
Pages: 134-139  
The influence of behavioural dimensions of investors in equity derivative market
Pages: 140-143  
Media concentrations and pluralism
Pages: 144-146  
Importance of the Kāraṇḍavyūha Sūtra in Tibetan Buddhism
Pages: 147-151  
An impact of cash and card on civilization
Pages: 152-153  
Economics of pomegranate in Vijaypur district of Karnataka
Pages: 154-157  
Assessing coastal vulnerability of Kanthi coast, WB
Pages: 158-163  
Social adjustment problems of school going academic achievers
Pages: 164-166  
Kinematic differences among the players/repetitions and between the gender in regard to left (subordinate) leg lunges exercise for lower extremities with 15 RM load
Pages: 167-173  
Buying intentions for life insurance policies with special reference for middle-class families: A cluster analysis approach
Pages: 174-176  
A review on various approaches for content based image retrieval based on shape, texture and color features
Pages: 177-180  
Taapoi: A gender dimensions in trading family of Odisha
Pages: 181-184  
Global warming and effects on climate
Pages: 185-187  
Globalization and good governance in a democratic setup: From a cross-cultural perspective
Pages: 188-192  
Possibilities to establish ecotourism for the conservation of biodiversity in Viratra Mata Oran, Barmer
Pages: 193-196  
Estimation of effort using nature inspired optimization techniques
Pages: 197-199  
Panchayati raj institutions and 73rd amendment act
Pages: 200-203  
Work-life balance and employees health: A study of the degree college teachers
Pages: 204-207  
A study on quality of life among people living with HIV/AIDS (With special reference to dayasparsha hospital Tumkur, Tumkur district Karnataka state)
Pages: 208-213  
Dynamic job shop scheduling using ant colony optimization
Pages: 214-217  
Merck and river blindness: A case study in ethical dilemma
Pages: 218-220  
Agile projects: Foundation to successful outcomes
Pages: 221-226  
Unification of different numerical methods for the solution of linear fractional differential equation
Pages: 227-239  
Effects of square stepping exercises on physiological cost index in elderly population
Pages: 240-244  
Cloud computing: Research challenges and computing services prospective
Pages: 245-250  
Does globalisation explain the crisis in European Welfare states?
Pages: 251-254  
Indicators of the correlation analysis of perinatal health against the background of infections
Pages: 255-257  
Role of family in inclusive education
Pages: 258-260  
Unorganised sector in India
Pages: 261-266  
Synthesis, spectral, electrochemical characterization and application of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes of novel Schiff base ligands
Pages: 267-276  
A pan India study on learning styles of under graduate nursing students
Pages: 277-281  
Effect of pilates vs conventional physiotherapy exercises in osteoarthritis of knee
Pages: 282-285  
Separation of power in India
Pages: 286-288  
Effects of dynamic scapular muscle exercises on grip strength in young adults
Pages: 289-295  
Role of nutritional supplementation in patients with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis
Pages: 296-300  
Moral values of secondary school teachers
Pages: 301-307  
Particle swarm optimization approach to software project scheduling
Pages: 308-310  
Effect of demographic variables on e-marketing strategies: A review
Pages: 311-321  
Inter-country comparison of non-communicable diseases
Pages: 322-331  
Role of assistive technology in ensuring active participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities
Pages: 332-333  
Perception of women policyholders towards investment in ULIP: A study in LIC at Chennai city
Pages: 334-336  
Globalization and late capitalism: A critical view
Pages: 337-339  
Cold-active alkophilic proteases from various microbial sources: benefits and applications
Pages: 340-345  
A study on the impact of mid-day meal programme in selected primary schools of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 346-348  
The relevance of green marketing in the present world
Pages: 349-352  
Growth and cropping pattern of food crops: A case study of rice in Andhra Pradesh (food security for all)
Pages: 353-358  
Opinion difference of teachers on existing training and development practices in private engineering institutions
Pages: 359-367  
Collective identity in culture: An evaluation
Pages: 368-372  
Key factors influencing profitability of Indian commercial banks
Pages: 373-378  
Soil transmitted helminth infections and their effect on nutritional status of children in Kashmir
Pages: 379-382  
Financial performance of mutual funds in India
Pages: 383-388  
Gender discrimination and women’s development in Indian perspective
Pages: 389-390  
Great gratitude to public administration building modern manager of present day
Pages: 391-399  
Effect of gravitational force of earth on shock waves moving in non- uniform region of sea water
Pages: 400-405  
A study on customers’ awareness on different cashless transactions in selected rural areas in Coimbatore district
Pages: 406-409  
Justice to work: Legal mechanisms to curb domestic violence against women in Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 410-414  
Effectiveness of dry land strength training in competitive swimmers
Pages: 415-419  
Effect of education on new business opportunities: A study of Kalisindh thermal power project
Pages: 420-424  
Evaluating differences in entrepreneurial intentions and desirability among the graduate students with special reference to Coimbatore district
Pages: 425-428  
A comparative study of Johnson’s formula and maternal anthropometric measurements for estimation of fetal weight and their correlation with birth weight among term pregnant mothers in antenatal ward at government maternity hospital, Tirupati
Pages: 429-434  
A study on mutual fund investors and marketing mix
Pages: 435-440  
Formulation and evaluation of Chlorhexidine Gluconate topical gel
Pages: 441-446  
An algorithmic technique by using aerial image processing
Pages: 447-451  
Development and assessment of tourism in valley of flower national park (Uttarakhand) India
Pages: 452-455  
Privatization and Commercialization of Higher Education
Pages: 456-458  
Women education and empowerment in India
Pages: 459-462  
The role of sports economics in the sport management curriculum
Pages: 463-466  
A critical review on leadership in the digital age
Pages: 467-468  
Co-operative societies in India: An overview
Pages: 469-474  
Comparison of mental toughness between national level and State level male boxing players
Pages: 475-477  
Cuisine of Awadh: An overview
Pages: 478-481  
Empowerment programmes for adolescent girls and women through Anganwadi centres in Kerala
Pages: 482-485  
Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Vojana: Challenges and opportunities
Pages: 486-489  
Emotional maturity of adolescents in relation to their psychological hardiness
Pages: 490-494  
Relationship of perceived ease use and perceived usefulness on usage of e-commerce site
Pages: 495-498  
Insights into the entrepreneurial role stress of women entrepreneurs in Kudumbashree based micro enterprises in Kerala
Pages: 499-504  
Prevalence and pathology of Heterakis gallinarum mono-infection and co-infection with Histomonas meleagridis in free roaming domestic chicken of Kashmir Valley
Pages: 505-508  
Financial performance analysis of butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd., Chennai: A case study
Pages: 509-519  
A review on optical time division multiplexing (OTDM)
Pages: 520-524  
E-waste: Generation, recycling and management
Pages: 525-528  
Women entrepreneurship in rural sector
Pages: 529-533  
Expert system: A review
Pages: 534-536  
Exploring the drawings of children: A focus on the Kumasi Metropolis in Ghana
Pages: 537-541  
The concepts of corporate criminal liability and willful blindness: Theoretical and applicability challenges
Pages: 542-550  
Education and development: A study in Karnataka
Pages: 551-558  
Statistical modeling for the determinants of stunting in children under-five year of age in Pakistan
Pages: 559-565  
Narcissism as a health concern and social media: Issues and challenges
Pages: 566-571  
Study on histochemical localization and specific activity of alkaline phosphatase in Cotylophoron cotylophorum (Paramphistomidae: Digenea), recovered from rumen of cattle
Pages: 572-575  
Health hazards of ultrafine or nanoparticles in ambient air: Necessity for their standardization for air quality index (AQI)
Pages: 576-580  
Co-branding: An effective tool in product extension and branding
Pages: 581-583  
Diverse role of teachers: Present and future
Pages: 584-586  
Assess the knowledge regarding indwelling catheter among the internship nursing students in selected nursing colleges, Nellore
Pages: 587-588  
Importance of physical education in today’s schools
Pages: 589-590  
Asymptotic characterization of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) channel assignment for wireless applications
Pages: 591-600  
Ethnic identity: A reflection of economic and political character of a country: The case of South Sudan
Pages: 601-608  
No detention policy: Rethinking education system of India
Pages: 609-614  
Situation of ecosystem services and changing livelihood in Nepal Himalayas: A case study from upper mustang
Pages: 615-620  
Influence of climate change in urban butterfly diversity of Guindy National Park in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 621-630  
Controversial issues in the novels of Chetan Bhagat
Pages: 631-632  
Issues and challenges of women entrepreneur in India
Pages: 633-635  
Physical rehabilitation of functionally impaired children (10-15 years)
Pages: 637-639  
Clinical pre analytical phase of samples: Important criteria phase study
Pages: 640-642  
Globalization as a catalyst to digitization in rural India: A case study
Pages: 643-645  
Amazon go: The future of retail
Pages: 646-647  
Marketing mix of Godrej Cinthol
Pages: 648-649  
Provision of scholarships in the promotion of higher education
Pages: 650-653  
Study on DNA divergence of selected crabs from coastal Andhra Pradesh based on Cytochrome Oxidase I (COI) sequences
Pages: 654-658  
A sociological study of the socio-economic background of three wheel drivers in rural Sri Lanka: Special reference to Rathnapura, Ambilipitiya and Wallavaya areas
Pages: 659-662  
Green solar energy: Future prospects in Haryana as well in India
Pages: 663-666  
An IOT (Internet of things) based real time portable wireless ECG device for detecting cardiac abnormalities
Pages: 667-670  
A study of job involvement among high school teachers
Pages: 671-673  
Demonetization and its impact on Indian economy
Pages: 674-678  
Impact of demographics and level of knowledge on equity investors investment decision
Pages: 679-680  
Problems of maid servants in Gulbarga city
Pages: 681-683  
RFID technology implementation in libraries
Pages: 684-687  
Supportive care of patients with breast cancer: The role of the oncology social worker in India
Pages: 688-689  
Working of MGNREGS: An overview
Pages: 690-695  
A study on efficacy of an ergonomic intervention programme on pain and disability among computer users
Pages: 696-699  
Employee motivation in insurance sector: A comparative study
Pages: 700-704  
Value inculcation through co-curricular co-scholastic activities in school students
Pages: 705-708  
Geological mapping around mohana, ganjam district, Odisha
Pages: 709-712  
Design, manufacturing and experimentation of compounded parabolic collector
Pages: 713-721  
Commerce and management education in India: Importance, challenges and opportunities and measures
Pages: 722-725  
A study of the clash of cultures in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The namesake
Pages: 726-729  
A review on various approaches of data communications in ITS
Pages: 730-733  
An overview on foreign direct investment in India from 2000-2014
Pages: 734-738  
Impact of sub-lethal concentrations of Cypermethrin on Total Protein in Muscle of the Walking Catfish, Clarias batrachus (Lin. 1758)
Pages: 739-740  
Insect pests associated to stored maize and their bio rational management options in sub-Sahara Africa
Pages: 741-748  
Rural and Rurality with Truly Performativity in Human Geography
Pages: 749-755  
Effectiveness of experiential learning strategies for enhancing environmental awareness among class v students
Pages: 756-759  
Distributing Secure Clusters over a Network using Enhanced K Means Clustering & Analysis with Different Clustering Mechanisms
Pages: 760-764  
An analysis of the Reason for Wage Differential Amongst Various Social Groups in Handloom Sector: A Study in Bodoland Territorial Area Districts, Assam.
Pages: 765-771  
Effects of mat based Pilates exercises Vs conventional exercises on core muscle strength in postnatal women
Pages: 772-776  
Present Scenario of Microfinance in India
Pages: 777-778  
Value education: Importance and its need
Pages: 779-781  
Fair wages in the unorganised construction industry in India: A conceptual framework
Pages: 782-785  
E-governance in India: Challenges and issues
Pages: 786-790  
Dynamics of seasonal labour migration and rural livelihood in the middle hill of Nepal: Reflections from Arghakhanchi district, Nepal
Pages: 791-799  
A conceptual paper on the marketing mix of ‘Maggi’
Pages: 800-802  
Social media and social networking: A challenge to human security
Pages: 803-806  
Sustainable development: Need of the day
Pages: 807-810  
How can lifestyle maintain physical and mental health
Pages: 811-815  
Economic administration and financial management an evaluative study of impact of globalization in Rajasthan economy special reference to small scale industries in Rajasthan
Pages: 816-818  
Socio-economic aspects of female ragpickers involve in informal sector in urban area of district, Sirsa Haryana
Pages: 819-823  
Comparative study of motivation level in english among male and female students at secondary school level
Pages: 824-826  
The influence of nature and nurture on behavioural changes in the light of lifespan development perspectives
Pages: 827-830  
Sports management: Introduction
Pages: 831-832  
Consumers’ perception on online shopping
Pages: 833-837  
Stress, adjustment and coping pattern in parents of children with Autism
Pages: 838-843  
NITI Aayog: An overview
Pages: 844-847  
The use of legal software by non-lawyers and the perils of unauthorized practice of law charges in the United States: A review of Jayson Reynoso decision
Pages: 848-852  
Variables contributing to the time spent by customers in the dining experience
Pages: 853-855  
Dropout issue: An obstacle at the way of development for the ethnic group of the chain community at Farakka block in Murshidabad district
Pages: 856-860  
Various phases of corporate social responsibility in India
Pages: 861-863  
Learning strategies and academic achievement among higher secondary school students
Pages: 864-867  
Ambedkar and emancipation of women; A study with contexts
Pages: 868-871  
Anthropology and law: understanding of law in “Dominant caste village”
Pages: 872-878  
Analytical review of financial contracts and laws
Pages: 879-880  
A medieval city: Faridabad and its monuments
Pages: 881-883  
A review on various approaches of job scheduling in cloud computing
Pages: 884-886  
Jhaverchand Meghani’s Sorath Tara Vahetan Pani (Echoes from the Geers): A novel of region
Pages: 887-889  
Educational thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi
Pages: 890-891  
Effect of cooperative learning (STAD method) on Biology achievement of rural and urban students at secondary level
Pages: 892-896  
Customer satisfaction and Indian banking sector: An imperial study of leading banks
Pages: 897-899  
Effect of yogasana pilates and calisthenics training on selected physical and physiological variables among metabolic syndrome diagnosed women
Pages: 900-903  
Henry fielding’s comic epic in prose: A study of Joseph Andrews in the light of this genre
Pages: 904-906  
Impact of internal mobility of employees on organisational effectiveness in commercial banks
Pages: 907-911  
The choice of responsibility and freedom in an existential lifestyle: A study of Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner
Pages: 912-914  
Diction and social media
Pages: 915-917  
A brief history and monuments of Fatehabad: An analysis
Pages: 918-919  
Cloud Computing
Pages: 920-921  
Impact of agricultural policy of raj from 1849 to 1900 in Punjab
Pages: 922-924  
Digitization of land records: Need for law reform
Pages: 925-930  
Information access through radio programs on organic farming
Pages: 931-934  
Impact of plyometric training on explosive strength outputs among collegiate boys
Pages: 935-937  
For a Nilpotent p-group and its center
Pages: 938-939  
Satyam-Tech Mahindra merger the valuation game
Pages: 940-946  
Personality patterns of high school teachers
Pages: 947-949  
Performance-Enhancing drugs and their adverse health consequences
Pages: 950-952  
Association of breast cancer with fingerprint pattern variations and blood group typing: A clinical study
Pages: 953-955  
A diagnostic study of cardiovascular fitness between rural and urban college girls of physical education classes
Pages: 956-958  
Pre and post disinvestment analysis: A case of national thermal power corporation (NTPC)
Pages: 959-964  
A study of physical fitness between Haryana and Delhi players of volleyball
Pages: 965-967  
Findings & assessments on the failurs of right to housing
Pages: 968-970  
An overview of contract farming: Legal issues and challenges
Pages: 971-973  
Democracy in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 974-975  
A study of vigilance as related to gender and performance of aquatic players
Pages: 976-979  
Effect of S.A.Q. training program on selected physical fitness variables of soccer players
Pages: 980-982  
Corporate responsibility for environmental sustainability: A perspective
Pages: 983-988  
Decision on questions as to disqualification of members of Parliament: A Comparative Study with U.S.A., U.K., Australia and French Indian position
Pages: 989-992  
Right to publications under parliamentary authority
Pages: 993-995  
Power of parliament to punish the contempt
Pages: 996-998  
Evolution of concept of right of land in changing times
Pages: 999-1002  
Historical development of national judicial appointments commission
Pages: 1003-1005  
A study on self-help groups and their contribution towards economic development of women (With special reference to Dhan Foundation, Tumkur Taluk, Tumkur District)
Pages: 1006-1011  
Entrepreneurship: a path for empowerment of Dalit women in rural area
Pages: 1012-1015  
Library Automation in India
Pages: 1016-1018  
Performance of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and export oriented units in India
Pages: 1019-1023  
Job satisfaction among teacher educators in Warangal District
Pages: 1024-1027  
Human rights violation in Naxal affected area in India: An analysis of economic dimension
Pages: 1028-1035  
Awareness and applicability of consumer rights a gender based study of Kashmir
Pages: 1036-1042  
Cartel and competition law in India: An overview
Pages: 1043-1045  
Changing surnames after marriage: A patriarchal part of the society
Pages: 1046-1047  
Inventory management of selected oil refineries of India
Pages: 1048-1051  
A comparative study of teacher-trainees on leadership - quality
Pages: 1052-1055  
Problems of women in unorganised sector: A study of women workers in UN organised sector in Vijayapura city (Karnataka)
Pages: 1056-1058  
An empirical analysis on quality of water of river Yamuna from Agra to Etawah
Pages: 1059-1061  
An ecocritical study of Ruskin Bond’s select stories
Pages: 1062-1065  
Factors affecting backwardness of students in english as perceived by the teachers at secondary level
Pages: 1066-1069  
Gurmat Sangeet: Raga and Bhava based musical compositions
Pages: 1070-1072  
Representation of academic institutions in select dalit autobiographies
Pages: 1073-1078  
The role of behavioural economics in curbing healthcare, education, and finance sector problems
Pages: 1079-1083  
Elastic properties of La1.85 Sr0.15 CuO4 at high temperature superconductor
Pages: 1084-1085  
Applicability of insurable interest and science of life insurance in India
Pages: 1086-1091  
Villainy of Female Foeticide: Role of Judiciary in Implementation of PCPNDT Act in India
Pages: 1092-1099  
Assessment of temperamental traits of gymnasts
Pages: 1100-1102  
Constraints factors: A study on women micro entrepreneurs in Tirupur city
Pages: 1103-1112  
Efficacy on locomotor ability with dual task in diabetic neuropathy
Pages: 1113-1116  
Attitude of parents and teachers towards sex education to the children between the age group of 14 to 18
Pages: 1117-1119  
Sree Narayana Guru as an Advaitin
Pages: 1120-1121  
Introducing retail electricity supply business in India – Lesson learned from UK
Pages: 1122-1127  
Fish diversity in Durgadahalli Lake of Tumakuru, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1128-1131  
Effect of open book examination on B.Ed trainees
Pages: 1132-1133  
Development and standardization of student’s educational aspiration scale (seas)
Pages: 1134-1137  
Role of poverty in coping and life satisfaction among male villagers of Haryana
Pages: 1138-1144  
A study on the computer knowledge among B.Ed., students
Pages: 1145-1148  
An analytical study of foreign direct investment in India during the financial year 2016-2017
Pages: 1149-1153  
Evolution of Indo-ASEAN relations (With special reference to socio-cultural and economic factor)
Pages: 1154-1156  
A changing profile of the Indian consumer
Pages: 1157-1160  
Commercial print media and history in colonial India
Pages: 1161-1163  
Techniques for health fitness
Pages: 1164-1166  
Skill India campaign: A movement of change and challenges
Pages: 1167-1168  
Jains: Ancient entrepreneurs
Pages: 1169-1171  
The study of influence of nutrition’s on teen Athlete’s
Pages: 1172-1174  
Analysis of Indonesia Japan economic partnership agreement (IJ-EPA) towards textile export value at PT argo pantes Tbk (Period 2009 – 2013)
Pages: 1175-1184  
Condition optimization for ethanol production from waste substrate of different broken rice varieties (IR-36, IR-64, MTU-1010 and Danteshwari)
Pages: 1185-1193  
Assemblage of birds in forest nurseries
Pages: 1194-1199  
A study of nonlinear relativistic Hartree equation
Pages: 1200-1207  
Rani Chand Kaur’s regime: An epitome of turbulence (1840AD-1841AD)
Pages: 1208-1220  
Early Indian literature: A case against reductionist tendency
Pages: 1221-1222  
A study of job satisfaction and life satisfaction among government sector employees
Pages: 1223-1224  
Progress of science learning in India: A discussion from past to present
Pages: 1225-1229  
Relevance and importance of ICT in teacher education
Pages: 1230-1232  
Importance of communication in present society: Role and structure
Pages: 1233-1237  
Preparing teachers for inclusive education
Pages: 1238-1240  
A study on public preference over fast food outlets
Pages: 1241-1242  
Postmodern irony and narrative in Amit Chaudhuri’s The immortals
Pages: 1243-1245  
Role of service encounter and context in strengthening the service recovery paradox
Pages: 1246-1252  
Comparative analysis of business performance of insurance companies in Jammu and Kashmir on subjective performance measures
Pages: 1253-1259  
The physical science in the Vedas with special context in Rigvedadi Bhashya Bhoomika of Maharshi Dayanand
Pages: 1260-1262  
Psycho-narration in Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Pages: 1263-1265  
Organizational commitment and work motivation of secondary level teachers in puducherry region
Pages: 1266-1268  
Ethnic Identity movement of the Misings in Assam: A study of the Takam Mising Porin Kébang (All Mising Students’ Union)
Pages: 1269-1276  
Land use and land cover analysis using remote sensing and GIS: A case study in Kunavaram Mandal east Godavari district Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 1277-1281  
Feminism and literature: A study of Anita Nair’s ‘Mistress’
Pages: 1282-1285  
Poetry: The record of the best and happiest moments of life
Pages: 1286-1290  
Philosophical reverberations in Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence
Pages: 1291-1297  
An overview of sub-plan for schedule castes and schedule tribes in India (2004-2012)
Pages: 1298-1302  
Problems of female foeticide and technological challenges
Pages: 1303-1306  
Product development and sensory evaluation of value added food products made by basella alba (Mayalu) Leaves
Pages: 1307-1310  
Democratic decentralization in Jammu and Kashmir: A study with special reference to Poonch district (2011 Panchayat Election)
Pages: 1311-1315  
Coffee industry and its impact on environment: A case study of Chickamagalore district Malanadu Region Karnataka
Pages: 1316-1317  
Bonding Analysis of C 2 H24 +
Pages: 1318-1320  
Political campaigns through social media in elections
Pages: 1321-1323  
Challenges on wireless networks
Pages: 1324-1325  
Women’s human rights violation in domestic violence: A case study of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh in India
Pages: 1326-1328  
Major causes of divorce among Muslim women in Kashmir
Pages: 1329-1333  
Case study on SPS measures and TBT measures in India: An analysis
Pages: 1334-1340  
Digitization in India and its impact on mobile marketing
Pages: 1341-1346  
Oral health of children in the selected anganwadi
Pages: 1347-1350  
Research culture among college students: A review
Pages: 1351-1353  
Effect of governance on HDI: A cross country analysis
Pages: 1354-1359  
A study on customer satisfaction on plasma TV
Pages: 1360-1362  
To identify the stress levels among students of selected junior college in Pune city
Pages: 1363-1365  
Phytoextraction of heavy metals in the sewage water by using common water hyacinth Eichornia Crassipes
Pages: 1366-1370  
Prevalence of problems in the education of tribal school students of Jharkhand
Pages: 1371-1374  
Nursing students’ absenteeism in class/clinics: Reasons and remedies
Pages: 1375-1376  
Role of education in women empowerment
Pages: 1377-1380  
Megalithic culture in Munda tribe of Khunti district in Jharkhand
Pages: 1381-1383  
Youth and moral values from a transitional perspective
Pages: 1384-1386  
Antibacterial and antihelminthic activity of methanolic extract of Cassia senna root bark
Pages: 1387-1388  
Economic growth of farmers in India
Pages: 1389-1391  
Dr. BR Ambedkar and women empowerment in India
Pages: 1392-1394  
Anthropometric measurements and their relation to agility ability with intercollegiate football male players
Pages: 1395-1397  
Promoting personal hygiene among adolescent girls
Pages: 1398-1400  
Comparison of mental skills between medalist and non-medalist football players
Pages: 1401-1403  
Drought analysis of Haryana for Kharif season of 2017 (as per parameters of “Manual for Drought Management, 2016)
Pages: 1404-1407  
Administrative reforms in Russia
Pages: 1408-1410  
Hazards and adaptation in Himalayas: Problems and strategies
Pages: 1411-1413  
Industrial disaster harmful for golden future
Pages: 1414-1415  
Population: Composition and rented population in ward no 13. Ambala Cantt, Haryana
Pages: 1416-1418  
Globalisation and spiritual development: An Indian outlook
Pages: 1419-1421  
Social characteristics of the Jhanwari village
Pages: 1422-1424  
Effectiveness of team teaching on achievement in Tamil grammar Aagu Peyar at secondary level
Pages: 1425-1428  
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