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Liberal democracy and the concept of freedom in India
Pages: 01-04  
Basic concepts and features of goods and service tax in India
Pages: 05-07  
GST in India: Challenges and prospects
Pages: 08-10  
Impact of GST on online marketplaces
Pages: 11-14  
Implementation of GST, a major milestone in financial services sector
Pages: 15-18  
Banking sector in India; a more focused area under GST
Pages: 19-22  
Impact of inflating gases on the performance of tire: A review
Pages: 23-26  
Inhibition of germination and seedling growth by red light and chloramphenicol in (Helianthus annus) Linn
Pages: 27-28  
Characterization of Macrocyclic Polymers
Pages: 29-31  
World trade in goods and services–major trends and issues
Pages: 32-34  
Photocatalytic degradation of pesticide phorate using zinc oxide nanoparticles
Pages: 35-40  
Public administration: An art of act
Pages: 41-42  
Cloud e-marketing strategy for online global market hub
Pages: 43-45  
Impact of working women on child development: A case study of children from 2yrs to 7yrs
Pages: 46-49  
An outlook on e-governance: A socio-legal facet
Pages: 50-53  
Design and simulation of universal gate using SLM and Savart Plate
Pages: 54-57  
State of general insurance in India
Pages: 58-61  
How terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir is challenging Indian sense of democracy
Pages: 62-64  
The role of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indian agriculture sector: An analysis of opportunities and challenges
Pages: 65-77  
Significance of open source software for building digital libraries
Pages: 78-80  
A study of mental health of senior secondary school students in relation to their decision making style
Pages: 81-83  
Honor killing law in India
Pages: 84-88  
Promotion of information literacy instruction: With special reference to government of India
Pages: 89-92  
New dimensions of Indian democracy
Pages: 93-94  
Buying attitude of youth towards branded shoes: A study in Ludhiana city
Pages: 95-100  
Individual, cultural, and social identity: A communitarian approach
Pages: 101-104  
Transforming lean and green over operations management for sustainable manufacturing
Pages: 105-109  
Application of open source software for libraries
Pages: 110-112  
Socio-economic and cultural status of marginalized groups in Andhra Pradesh-overview on dalits
Pages: 113-119  
Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: An empirical study in rural area
Pages: 120-125  
Historical sketch of local self-government in Anantapur region progress and process
Pages: 126-131  
Design and Implementation of medicine vending automatic teller machine
Pages: 132-134  
A study on the impact of self-help groups on the ability of members to handle grievances: An empirical study in Tumkur district
Pages: 135-138  
E-commerce analysis for reliance products in Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 139-143  
An article on climate change mitigation
Pages: 144-147  
Financial markets and their impacts on economic growth
Pages: 148-152  
Surrogacy in India
Pages: 153-156  
Perceptual convention and effectiveness of talent management in higher education institutions
Pages: 157-159  
User acceptance, a key to effective implementation of enterprise resource planning systems in higher education
Pages: 160-164  
Antifungal activity of human neutrophil peptides (HNP-1, HNP-2 and HNP-3) against glucuronoxylomannan (GXM) of Cryptococcus neoformans: An In-silico study
Pages: 165-170  
Employee perception on outsourcing as human resource strategy: A study on Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT), Visakhapatnam
Pages: 171-175  
A study of mental ability of higher secondary students in Vellore district
Pages: 176-178  
Song of Solomon and the dialogic encounter of two cultures
Pages: 179-181  
A Shahdol district: A study of occupational stress among female teachers working in secondary schools
Pages: 182-185  
Understanding action in neurological and psychological framework
Pages: 186-192  
Lean manufacturing for productivity improvement in a manufacturing unit an overview
Pages: 193-196  
Effect of testosterone in saliva among athletes
Pages: 197-202  
Poets and their contribution to Kashmiri literature
Pages: 203-205  
Performance evaluation of uncoated carbide inserts during turning of hardened steel
Pages: 206-211  
Need of Counselling Practices for Aboriginal Parents in Wayanad District
Pages: 212-213  
Investigating the pattern and living conditions of metropolitan: Case study of Kolkata
Pages: 214-217  
Simultaneous Estimation of Darunavir Ethanolate and Ritonavir in Combined Dosage Form
Pages: 218-222  
A case study on change in irrigation practices due to industrialization around Jodhpur
Pages: 223-224  
An economic analysis of floriculture in India
Pages: 225-231  
Role of advertisement in print media
Pages: 232-235  
The development conundrum: The factor of political imbalance in it
Pages: 236-238  
Cash to cashless economy: An Indian perspective
Pages: 239-241  
Role commitment of teachers in relation to their life satisfaction
Pages: 242-245  
Determinants of loan approval decision for micro small and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) while obtaining credit facilities
Pages: 246-250  
Natural resource conditions in Himalayas
Pages: 251-253  
Study of benefits of HR automation in organisations
Pages: 254-257  
Gun control in America: A perpetual debate
Pages: 258-261  
Historical development of music in Kashmir
Pages: 262-264  
Bacha Nagma and Band Pather: A study on Kashmiri Singing
Pages: 265-268  
Social dances: A medium to celebrate life
Pages: 269-270  
Child sexual abuse: An overview
Pages: 271-273  
Subjective wellbeing: Significance of hope and optimism
Pages: 274-276  
Plight of the untouchables as presented by Mulk Raj Anand in Untouchable
Pages: 277-278  
Juvenile delinquency: Role of mass media
Pages: 279-282  
The role of low income people towards health management
Pages: 283-286  
Influence of perceived social support and meaning in life on fatalism: A study of cancer patients
Pages: 287-293  
The issue of multi-linguality and challenges faced by working class students studying in an English medium school in Hyderabad
Pages: 294-300  
Investors’ awareness on Demat account: A study in Sulur taluk, Coimbatore district
Pages: 301-304  
Comforts and hurdles of mobile banking acceptance in Bengaluru city
Pages: 305-310  
Gender discrimination and child abuse in Arundhati Roy’s the god of small things
Pages: 311-312  
Food security in India: Issues and challenges
Pages: 313-314  
Prevalence of osteopenia and osteoporosis among young adult girls residing in the hostels of Panjab University, Chandigarh
Pages: 315-321  
Labour policies in the DMP model: A theoretical analysis
Pages: 322-325  
Developments in Indo-Afghan relations since Post-Taliban Era
Pages: 326-329  
Export (Foods) related queries answered by fitting statistical distribution
Pages: 330-335  
Analysis of critical success factor ERP implementations (A review)
Pages: 336-340  
A study of socialization of university level player through inter-university sports participation
Pages: 341-345  
Why common bird goes uncommon: The house sparrow
Pages: 346-348  
Comparative in vitro study of some ethno medicines on selective keratinophilic bacteria
Pages: 349-352  
Assessment of cement emissions and its environmental impact: A study in the Pulwama district of J&K state, India
Pages: 353-357  
A study on advantages and disadvantages of internet
Pages: 358-361  
A study on mass media on sociology
Pages: 362-365  
Gender and political representation
Pages: 366-369  
Export (vegetables) related queries answered by fitting statistical distribution
Pages: 370-374  
Effects of workplace spirituality towards counterproductive behavior in automobile manufacturing sector with reference to Tamilnadu district
Pages: 375-379  
Comparative study of social respectability, social leadership and social acceptability of rural area and urban area working women of Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 380-383  
The politics of industrial development in India since independence
Pages: 384-388  
Districts wise analysis of human capital formation in Karnataka
Pages: 389-395  
Effect of waste disposal in soil produce by society
Pages: 396-402  
Impact of business ethics on stakeholder relationships
Pages: 403-405  
A descriptive study to assess the knowledge regarding disinfection of hospital equipments among health personnels in a selected tertiary hospital, Jammu (J&K)
Pages: 406-409  
Digital payment: A giant step towards cashless India
Pages: 410-412  
Narco-analysis test as a tool to trace the criminals
Pages: 413-417  
A review of tracing routing protocol of mobile ad HOC networks
Pages: 418-421  
A study of internet addiction among college students
Pages: 422-425  
A study of CRM in BSNL: West Godavari district
Pages: 426-428  
Capital immobility, informal sector and urban unemployment
Pages: 429-438  
History of Christian missionaries: A study in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 439-442  
Corporate governance practices: Company perspective of selected listed companies in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 443-447  
The research paper on non-resident deposits in India: A conceptual study
Pages: 448-451  
The research paper on the communication skill: A basic requirement of managers
Pages: 452-453  
Role panchayati raj institutions in Haryana: Participation of women: A study of Rohtak district
Pages: 454-457  
Socio-economic impact of self-help groups on beneficiaries in block Sirsa
Pages: 458-462  
A study of level of anxiety among junior and senior in relation to their gender
Pages: 463-465  
Motherhood as Reflected in Ruskin Bond’s Story: The Woman on Platform 8
Pages: 466-468  
A study of work roster system on employees work life balance
Pages: 469-472  
Reliance Jio: A digital boon
Pages: 473-476  
Strategies for conversion of visitors to tourists: A study with reference to Thirumoorthy hills
Pages: 477-480  
Impact of loan officer’s human capital in predicting MSMEs BUSINESS loan decisions: A study on Namakkal district, India
Pages: 489-494  
Lean six sigma as a panacea to improve service quality in medical tourism
Pages: 495-499  
Pedagogical intervention of M-learning in Indian School
Pages: 500-503  
Rural development: Initiatives for upliftment the economy
Pages: 504-506  
A qualitative study based on inclusive education for children with disabilities in private schools in Kolkata
Pages: 507-510  
Study of adjustment among adolescents in relation to spiritual intelligence
Pages: 511-514  
Analysis of NPS with income tax
Pages: 515-516  
Importance of documentation of references in research work
Pages: 517-518  
A study and analysis on the lending pattern and its prospects of Regional Rural Bank with special reference to Langpi Dehangi Rural Bank (Head office) Diphu Karbi Anglong Assam
Pages: 519-523  
Efficiency wage, bargained wage and search frictions in a two-sector general equilibrium model
Pages: 524-534  
Skill acquisition and economic development: Some comments
Pages: 535-537  
Role of science and technology in sustainable development of society: An overview
Pages: 538-543  
A study on impact of fraud in Indian banking sector (With special reference on retail banking products)
Pages: 544-547  
Effect of aerobic training and resistance training in series and parallel on speed, muscular endurance and Cardio vascular endurance
Pages: 548-552  
Human resources development system in changing global environment: A challenging task
Pages: 553-555  
Challenges of trans-boundary water resources management in Central Asia
Pages: 556-560  
Sambhar lake: Some physical - chemical features and composition of biological communities
Pages: 561-565  
Skill development in India an opportunity to be grasped
Pages: 566-568  
Checking migration to urban areas under MGNREGA scheme of Assam’-A study of Dhemaji and Sivasagar districts
Pages: 569-577  
Impact of educational level on reproductive health among scheduled tribe women of Kashmir
Pages: 578-581  
Common property resources: A major source of income to weaker sections
Pages: 582-587  
Inventory turnover optimization criteria of efficiency (With special reference to FMCG sector in India)
Pages: 588-592  
GST: A major tax reform
Pages: 593-594  
Challenges issues of cloud computing in agriculture: A review
Pages: 595-597  
Study of different techniques of web application security and web mashup development using AOP
Pages: 598-602  
Biography and contribution of Kashmiri folk artist ‘Ustad Ghulam Hassan Sofi’ towards music
Pages: 603-605  
Differences in Religiosity across age and Gender
Pages: 606-611  
Familial Disintegration: A Study of Sam Shepard’s Buried Child
Pages: 612-615  
Ubiquitous learning in higher secondary education
Pages: 616-618  
A survey of various geographic routing protocols on the basis of performance parameters in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANETs)
Pages: 619-622  
Cloud bioinformatics in genomic big data
Pages: 623-628  
Human resource management practices in the hotel industry in Vijayawada
Pages: 629-632  
GST: One nation, one tax, one market
Pages: 633-635  
To analyze the loans and advances verses recovery of loans of Hyderabad district co-operative central bank
Pages: 636-639  
Psychological well-being: Differences among demographic attributes
Pages: 640-649  
Emergence of new religious movements in Russia
Pages: 650-652  
FT-IR and FT-Raman spectral investigation, UV, NMR and DFT computations of 2, 3-dichloro-5-trifluoromethyl pyridine
Pages: 653-662  
Women development programmes and schemes provided by central and Himachal Pradesh state governments
Pages: 663-666  
Awareness and availability of schemes for physically challenged students at school level
Pages: 667-671  
A comparative study of single child adolescents and adolescents having siblings in district Sirsa: With reference to interpersonal skills
Pages: 672-676  
Rights of women prisoners in India
Pages: 677-679  
Stone crushers effect on environment and its problems
Pages: 680-681  
Impact of diabetes on the daily lifestyle of diabetic patient: An analytical study
Pages: 682-683  
Antibacterial activity of skin secretion of toad Bufo melanostictus and frog Rana cyanophylictitus
Pages: 684-686  
Musician Mohammad Abdullah Shakhsaaz: Their contribution towards of Kashmiri folk music
Pages: 687-689  
Role of United Nations in re-building Afghanistan
Pages: 690-695  
Modernization of conventional Indian classrooms
Pages: 696-698  
Comparative study of job satisfaction of female teachers working in colleges of Punjab and Rajasthan State
Pages: 699-701  
Research article on amphibian found in Rajasthan
Pages: 702-706  
Consequence of mathematical anxiety on students’ achievements in mathematics - what does research say?
Pages: 707-712  
Customer satisfaction towards online shopping in Surat city
Pages: 713-717  
Antifungal activity of skin secretion of toad Bufo melanostictus and frog Rana cyanophylictitus
Pages: 718-719  
Expert system: Overview
Pages: 720-722  
Quality of work life and job satisfaction of employees in steel authority of India Ltd, Salem
Pages: 723-727  
Empowerment of women through political participation in India
Pages: 728-731  
Job satisfaction in the banking sector: A study of selected commercial public sector banks in Surat city
Pages: 732-735  
Organizational development impact at banking industry
Pages: 736-739  
The politics of federalism and disability in Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 740-744  
Reversible watermarking based on entropy masking and DWT
Pages: 745-748  
Study of consumer's preference towards hair oil with special reference to Karnal city
Pages: 749-753  
Understanding the concept of cloud computing, it’s adoption & security concerns in organizations
Pages: 754-757  
Role of loyalty in building ideal client relationship in interior designing business
Pages: 758-762  
Assess the knowledge regarding work shop among IV Year BS.C (n) students in Narayana Collage of Nursing, Nellore
Pages: 763-765  
Perceived stress and psychosocial factors of stress among youth
Pages: 766-770  
Mantle of government and public health: Existing scenario and the future trajectory
Pages: 771-775  
Effect of bhastrika pranayama on selected physiological variables among schools girls
Pages: 776-778  
Nutritional knowledge, attitude and practice and its impact on health among female workers in apparel industry in Bangalore
Pages: 779-783  
Self-confidence and anxiety disorder: A comparative analysis between visually impaired and hearing impaired students
Pages: 784-787  
Nutritional pattern of aerobic and anaerobic capacity male players of inter university level
Pages: 788-792  
An insight into the development of Indian GST
Pages: 793-797  
The fragmented world of Vladimir Nabokove’s Ada
Pages: 798-801  
Indian aviation industry: An overview
Pages: 802-805  
Education for livelihood and human rights: A distant dream or not
Pages: 806-811  
3, 3’-Diaminodipropylamine (DADPA) as corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel in dilute hydrochloric acid solutions
Pages: 812-821  
Capital market in India
Pages: 822-824  
Indianness in the novels of Rohinton mistry with reference to society, tradition and politics
Pages: 825-827  
Development and evaluation of road construction using plastic waste materials
Pages: 828-831  
Relevance of total quality management practices in higher educational institutes in India
Pages: 832-839  
Public utility transport system in Bengaluru- An empirical study of BMTC and BMRC services
Pages: 840-846  
Strategical issues of medical tourism in India
Pages: 847-851  
Patterns of Reticence and Counter Affirmation in Isabel Allende’s The House of the Spirits
Pages: 852-855  
Synthesis, spectroscopic, NLO, HOMO-LUMO, antimicrobial analysis of (Z)-3-(4-fluorophenyl)-1-(1H-imidazol-1-yl) prop-2-en-1-one
Pages: 856-861  
Whistle blower policy in Indian listed companies: A study
Pages: 862-868  
Student engagement and statistics education: A review of literature and future directions
Pages: 869-882  
Analysis of queue with general vacations
Pages: 883-885  
Research and development on economic development
Pages: 886-890  
Comparative analysis of rectangular and circular microstrip patch antenna with slot using modified ground plane technique for UWB applications
Pages: 891-894  
Maturity Gradients based on anthropometric measures of adolescent girls from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 895-899  
Eco tourism: A key driver of sustainable Development
Pages: 900-903  
On certain subclasses of p-Valent analytic functions and (m,q)-starlike with respect to certain points associated with generalized basic hypergeometric function
Pages: 904-912  
Food habit and food preparation among the Hill Kharia of Mayurbhanj district, Odisha: An anthropological study
Pages: 913-920  
Bug tracking software
Pages: 921-924  
Higher education: A fad or farce a study on selected colleges of Visakhapatnam city, Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 925-931  
Comparative analysis of financial performance of nestle and Britannia by using financial ratios
Pages: 932-938  
Secondary school teacher’s attitude about national talent search examination: an investigation
Pages: 939-941  
Searching the True Self
Pages: 942-943  
Child labour as a challenge for urban sustainability: A case study of Azadpur mandi area, Delhi
Pages: 944-949  
Economic status of women workers in garments factories
Pages: 950-955  
Education for peace: Innovative teaching styles
Pages: 956-958  
Solar powered automatic one way traffic control system
Pages: 959-961  
Store environmental factors on impulse buying behaviour special reference to apparels in Batticaloa District, Sri Lanka
Pages: 962-965  
Progress of Mahatma Gandhi national rural employment guarantee act in Karnataka: Emerging issues and challenges
Pages: 966-969  
Impact of human resource development (HRD) practices on employee’s performance in textile industry
Pages: 970-973  
PMI (Plus-Minus-Interesting): A creative thinking strategy to foster critical thinking
Pages: 974-977  
Morphometric study of Sweta Nadi Basin, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India: GIS approach
Pages: 978-985  
Hybrid controller for performance enhancement of direct torque control IM drives
Pages: 986-993  
Solar charge controller
Pages: 994-1001  
A critical analysis of Valmiki’s Ramayana and its implications to management & leadership qualities
Pages: 1002-1005  
A study of perceived social support, life satisfaction and hope among chronically ill patients
Pages: 1006-1008  
Inherent power of high court VIS a VIS challenges in criminal proceedings: A critical analysis
Pages: 1009-1014  
Impact of work-life enrichment on organisational commitment and stress experiences: Mediating role of work-life balance
Pages: 1015-1019  
An proficient approach for load balancing in cloud computing using hybrid techniques
Pages: 1020-1024  
Investigation of past and present education system in India
Pages: 1025-1026  
Internet of things applications, challenges and innovations in future technologies: A survey
Pages: 1032-1034  
Multidimensional role of women in shaping the great epic Ramayana
Pages: 1035-1036  
Copyright issues and fair use
Pages: 1037-1039  
Digital revolution: Leadership and strategic challenges on organisational transformation: A critical perspective
Pages: 1040-1043  
Managing stress in organizations: A conceptual study
Pages: 1044-1046  
Effectiveness of hybrid teaching as blended learning in science on student engagement in relation to creativity of students
Pages: 1047-1049  
Awareness of infection control techniques among postgraduate students and staff members - A questionnaire study
Pages: 1050-1053  
Review on customer satisfaction towards Patanjali products
Pages: 1054-1058  
An evaluation of agricultural development process in rural Madhya Pradesh: A case study of Dikhatpura village in Chambal region (1961-2015)
Pages: 1059-1067  
Study of relationship between occupational stress and job satisfaction of degree college teachers
Pages: 1068-1069  
A brief analysis on working of GST as one tax one nation one market in India
Pages: 1070-1075  
Performance of steel Industry in India: Evidence from SAIL and TISCO
Pages: 1076-1080  
Comparative study of family burden and life satisfaction among care givers of the patients with dementia and schizophrenia
Pages: 1081-1087  
Analysis of ground water quality using physico-chemical parameters of five locations of district Yamuna Nagar, Haryana, India
Pages: 1088-1091  
Constraints for economic activities in hilly areas of J&K state: A case study of Ramban & Kishtwar Districts
Pages: 1092-1096  
Performance of MGNREGA in Karnataka: A case study of Bagalkot district
Pages: 1097-1103  
Socio-economic conditions of rural women labourers in Dharwad district of Karnataka state: An analytical study
Pages: 1104-1107  
The research paper on “teaching and learning process through advance technology”: A conceptual study
Pages: 1108-1109  
An insightful study on the symbiotic relationship between managerial effectiveness of principals and effective functioning of the B.Ed. colleges
Pages: 1110-1116  
Effect of aerobic training and resistance training in series and parallel on heart rate at rest, stroke volume at rest and cardiac output
Pages: 1117-1122  
Study of interpretation of diurnal variation anisotropy of the cosmic ray
Pages: 1123-1124  
Effective and secured dynamic key generation over cloud data
Pages: 1125-1127  
Cognitive radio network security with slow intelligence system
Pages: 1128-1131  
Innovative practices in management institutes
Pages: 1132-1134  
Phytoplankton diversity of Suchindram pond of Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, south India
Pages: 1135-1140  
A study on Karnataka state government initiatives and schemes for promoting primary education
Pages: 1141-1146  
Imagism movement: Role of literature
Pages: 1147-1148  
Income and employment generation through sericulture in Dharamjaigarh block, Chhattisgarh, India
Pages: 1149-1155  
A study on analysing customer preferences and buying patterns towards organised retailing with reference to Spencer’s retail outlet, Guntur district
Pages: 1156-1159  
Impact of selected macro-economic variables on foreign trade of BRICS nations
Pages: 1160-1163  
Impact of CSR investment on the financial performance of private banks in India
Pages: 1164-1173  
Empirical analysis of weather risk management in agricultural sector: Study of rain-fall volatility in Gwalior-Chambal region
Pages: 1174-1180  
Screening of phytoextracts to control of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vigni incitant of mungbean (Vigna radiata) wilt
Pages: 1181-1184  
Trend of Spiritual Godman in India: Implications for the modern Indian society
Pages: 1185-1189  
A study on the influence of social media on the purchase behaviour of college students with special reference to Gwalior city
Pages: 1190-1192  
Ethnic society and biodiversity conservation in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan
Pages: 1193-1196  
From belly dancer to bomber: Stereotyped Hollywood Muslim and American audience
Pages: 1197-1201  
Impact of employee engagement on organizational success: A study in TATA Advanced Materials Limited, Bengaluru
Pages: 1202-1207  
Types of social networking sites used by adolescents
Pages: 1208-1213  
An empirical study of union free plants in select organizations in Bangalore
Pages: 1214-1218  
स्वामी विवेकानंद के शैक्षिक एवं सामाजिक चिंतन की वर्तमान परिपेक्ष्य में सार्थकता
Pages: 1219-1222  
Exploring motivation factors driving free/open source software volunteers
Pages: 1223-1225  
Comparative study of selected psychomotor abilities between female baseball pitcher and cricket fast bowler
Pages: 1226-1228  
Surviving on waste: A study of waste pickers
Pages: 1229-1232  
देबारी समझौता व इसका राजस्थान की राजनीति पर पड़ने वाले प्रभाव
Pages: 1233-1235  
Role of total quality management in banking sector
Pages: 1236-1238  
A critical analysis of economics of education in India
Pages: 1239-1241  
Social justice in the Indian constitution
Pages: 1242-1245  
A comparative study: Mean daily food intake of adolescent girls of Rohtak City, Haryana
Pages: 1250-1252  
Review of different security threats in communication networks
Pages: 1253-1258  
The concept of GST
Pages: 1259-1260  
Job stress among employees in the insurance sector
Pages: 1261-1264  
Reforms in industrial policy during 1992 to 1997
Pages: 1265-1267  
A comparative study of teacher trainees on self-concept
Pages: 1268-1272  
Studying natural reality in the compulsive decisions by the protagonists of Girish Karnad’s plays
Pages: 1273-1276  
Strengthening corporate reporting structure: Steps towards developed securities market: A review
Pages: 1277-1282  
An assessment of hazard vulnerability of Haryana
Pages: 1283-1287  
Traditional food and food habits in the Gaddi shepherd family of Chamba
Pages: 1288-1289  
A review on website quality, customer satisfaction: Purchase intentions
Pages: 1290-1294  
Progress made on prime minister’s 10 point agenda for disaster risk reduction in Haryana
Pages: 1295-1297  
Relationship between Employees job satisfaction and organizational commitment in hospitality services: A review of recent studies
Pages: 1298-1302  
Post modern experiments: Nation from the margin-the novels of Allan Sealy
Pages: 1303-1305  
Indian north eastern identity formation in the fictional Indian English writing
Pages: 1306-1307  
Efficacy of intensive and extensive interval training on anaerobic capacity of physical education students of Annamalai University
Pages: 1308-1310  
Role of youth in Indian politics
Pages: 1311-1313  
Physico-chemical analysis and assessment of water and ground water quality parameters in Nepal: A review
Pages: 1314-1317  
Effectiveness of learning strategies on achievement in Tamil grammar Punarchi Vedhi at secondary level
Pages: 1318-1321  
Mobility in the public transport: A conceptual study with reference to the urban poor
Pages: 1322-1325  
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