International Journal of Academic Research and Development
International Journal of Academic Research and Development
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Impact of information technology in rural development: An analytical study in Allahabad District
Pages: 01-04  
Conventional & recent techniques of extraction of active constituents from drugs
Pages: 05-10  
Applications of microwaves in pharmaceutical processes
Pages: 11-13  
The effect of boko haram activities on educational development in Madagali local government area of Adamawa State
Pages: 14-23  
Financial performance analysis of Jordanian insurance companies using the Altman z-score model
Pages: 24-29  
Some considerations about the work of Prigogine in the centenary of his birth
Pages: 30-32  
Bancassurance: Emerging prospects and issues in India
Pages: 33-36  
Global Issues and Peace Movements
Pages: 37-39  
Education – A basic child right (A reflective study in the state of West Bengal)
Pages: 40-47  
Investigating the courses and effects of the satanic scare in Kabwe District of Zambia
Pages: 48-54  
Economic analysis of the effect of cigarette consumption on the academic performance of students in Adamawa State University
Pages: 55-63  
Comparative study of face recognition using HAAR algorithm and face SDK
Pages: 64-66  
A novel approach for Indian currency denomination identification
Pages: 67-70  
Phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology of parasitic plant Cuscuta reflexa: A review
Pages: 71-75  
An intelligent tutoring system for cloud computing
Pages: 76-80  
Photoshop (CS6) intelligent tutoring system
Pages: 81-86  
Perception of rural customers toward online banking: A case study
Pages: 87-93  
CSS-Tutor: An intelligent tutoring system for CSS and HTML
Pages: 94-99  
Micro controller based low frequency harmonics elimination using two level cascaded inverter
Pages: 100-106  
PIL promoting judicial activism in India
Pages: 107-108  
Formulating HR policies for managing various generations of employees in Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited
Pages: 109-115  
A study on foreign direct investment: Post-liberalization impact of FDI on Indian economy
Pages: 116-123  
Use of science and technology as a tool of social change
Pages: 124-127  
हरियाणावी लोकगीतों में वर्णित नारी मनोभाव
Pages: 128-129  
Review on fraud detection in mobile apps by ranking, rating & review
Pages: 130-132  
Are literature and philosophy related?
Pages: 133-134  
Economic status and characteristics of Jhanwari village Bhiwani district, Haryana
Pages: 135-137  
Benefits and applications of electronic toll collection system based on RFID
Pages: 138-141  
आधुनिक हिंदी उपन्यासों में नारी का बदलता स्वरुप
Pages: 142-145  
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