International Journal of Academic Research and Development
International Journal of Academic Research and Development
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Re-Establishing concurrent validity & reliability of ‘Multiple intelligence level-scale’ to assess dominant thinking pattern
Pages: 01-06  
Residential neighbourhood security challenges: Assessing crime prevention concepts and techniques
Pages: 07-15  
Marketing strategy of FMCG product: A case study of Hindustan Unilever limited
Pages: 16-18  
Student evaluation of teachers: An indicator of teacher effectiveness
Pages: 19-24  
Comparative study of allowance provided by cement industries in Vindhya Region
Pages: 25-28  
A study on problems and challenges faced by micro small and medium enterprises: A special reference to manufacturing sector in Coimbatore district
Pages: 29-33  
The effects of employee related factors on organizational restructuring: A case study in apparel manufacturing company in Sri Lanka
Pages: 34-38  
Correlation and linear regression analysis of water quality parameters of Wainganga River at Desaiganj (Wadsa) in Gadchiroli district Maharashtra, India
Pages: 39-44  
Creative thinking of visually challenged adolescents: A case study
Pages: 45-49  
Health problems perceived by dual earner couples due to high role strain by multiple roles
Pages: 50-54  
Impact of gender diversity on corporate performance: Issues and Concerns
Pages: 55-57  
Assess the knowledge regarding care of patient with dyspnea among staff nurses and nursing students in NMCH, Nellore
Pages: 58-60  
Teachers’ justifications for the need for school holiday coaching in Kenya: Syllabus coverage and other factors
Pages: 61-68  
Teaching epsilon-delta definition of limit in class
Pages: 69-72  
Studying efficacy of yoga therapy: Individual centric approach
Pages: 73-76  
चन्द्रकान्ता के कथा साहित्य में नारी अन्तद्र्वन्द
Pages: 77-78  
Solemnity of the report of ‘Woman’s role in planned economy
Pages: 79-81  
Secular attitude among higher secondary students
Pages: 82-85  
Information Technology Consulancy: An empirical study of select organizations in Bengaluru
Pages: 86-89  
Will to win among different playing positions in national field hockey
Pages: 90-92  
Physical wellness: The form of living
Pages: 93-95  
Study of Aerobic and Anaerobic capacity in defenders and attackers in male hockey player
Pages: 96-98  
प्रगतिवाद एवं परवर्ति हिन्दी काव्य में रागात्मक विरेचन
Pages: 99-101  
A study on importance and need of green marketing
Pages: 102-106  
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