International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 3, Special Issue 2 (2018)

Design and analysis of frequency reconfigurable Microstrip patch antenna

Author(s): Sanket Kalamkar, VP Bhope
Abstract: A reconfigurable antenna is type of an antenna capable of modifying its frequency and radiation properties in a controlled manner. In order to provide a dynamical response, reconfigurable antennas integrate an inner mechanism (such as RF switches, varactors, mechanical actuators or tunable materials) that enable the intentional redistribution of the RF currents over the antenna surface and produce reversible modifications over its properties. Reconfigurable antennas differ from smart antennas because the reconfiguration mechanism lies inside the antenna rather than in an external beamforming network. The reconfiguration capability of reconfigurable antennas is used to maximize the antenna performance in a changing scenario or to satisfy changing operating requirements. In the proposed design a rectangular patch antenna with inverted ‘U’ shaped slot at the center frequency 9.5 GHz that can be reconfigured in the frequency range of 5.3- 5.7 GHz. PIN diodes are used for carrying out reconfiguration. The antenna is designed on FR4 substrate (εr= 4.4) of thickness (H) 0.8 mm. The proposed structure was simulated by using the High Frequency Structure Software (HFSS) ver 15.0. The simulated and experimentally measured return loss for different configuration are less than -10dB at resonance frequencies. The simulated results show the close agreement with proposed design.
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