International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 7 (2016)

Formulation of wheat - soya bean biscuits and their quality characteristics

Author(s): Venkateswari P, Dr. Parameshwari S
Abstract: Research was conducted to evaluate the quality characteristics of protein enriched biscuits which could be used as a protein supplemented cereal snack food. The use of soy flour to substitute it with wheat flour 20% and the possibility of using soya flour for the production of biscuit was investigated. Prepared biscuits were subjected to nutritional and hedonic analysis to evaluate the suitability of the biscuits for consumption. Protein, fat and energy value of soya flour supplemented biscuits increased with progressive increase in proportion of soya flour and 20% soya flour added biscuits for the wheat flour biscuits. The moisture was decreased with corresponding increase in the percentage of soy flour. Nine-point hedonic scale ranking method was used to evaluate the hedonic characteristics of prepared biscuits. Generally the mean scores for all the assessed hedonic characteristics decreased with increase in the soybean flour. Hedonic evaluation indicated that there were no significant differences between the control treatment and 20% soya flour supplemented biscuits in the hedonic attributes of appearance, taste, texture, colour and flavour but differences were significant in overall acceptability. From the overall acceptance rating, 20% soybean flour incorporated biscuit obtained the highest preference compared to other combinations.
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