International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 12 (2016)

Dynamics of occupational injuries among metal workers in Kamukunji Jua Kali Market, Nairobi, Kenya

Author(s): Sammy Wafula Simiyu, Wilberforce Cholo
Abstract: An occupational injury is any personal injury, physical damage to body tissues or death from an occupational accident. The metal workers have been significantly exposed to prolonged hammering and cutting activities in excessive noise and with awkward body postures. The purpose of this study was to determine the dynamics of occupational injuries among Jua kali metal workers. This was achieved by determining the magnitude, characteristics, causes and how to minimize the injury occurrence among the Jua kali metal workers; the study used a cross sectional descriptive design. The sampling frame was estimated to be 2455 workers in 782 workshops. Kamukunji Jua Kali Area was purposively selected because it is the biggest jua kali market in Nairobi County. Systematic sampling method was used to select 258 respondents. With the workshops as cluster, cluster sampling was used to determine the number of respondents interviewed in each workshop. The desired number of respondents was then randomly selected. Three officials from Kamukunji Jua Kali Association were interviewed at the Shauri Moyo office. The collected information was coded and analyzed. The data was then analyzed using specific statistical tests. Initial letter authorizing the study was obtained from Mount Kenya University and permission from the Nairobi City County. The prevalence of occupational health injuries among the Jua kali metal workers in Kamukunji Jua kali market was 96%. The findings established that high numbers of metal workers are injured and moroty are cut by sharp objects.
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