International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 12 (2016)

Inter-District variation of output use in Haryana agriculture

Author(s): Shobha Vati, Surender Alhawat
Abstract: The analysis of growth is usually used in economic studies to find out of compound growth rates of area and production of many crops. The present paper also studies this analysis as an inter-district disparity of area and production during the period 1991-92 to 2013-14 in different districts of Haryana State. It is based on the secondary data. The data has been taken from various years Statistical Abstracts of Haryana. The finding of the study shows a significant positive growth in area under the Cereal. It is positive in all districts of study except few districts. The area under pulses and oilseeds has found a negative growth rates. Both are negative in all district of the present study. The production of cereal and oilseeds has reported a positive growth rate in all districts of the study except few districts, whereas, production of pulses has found negative growth rate of the study.
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