International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 11 (2016)

Political empowerment of women with respect to the self-help groups (A Case study of Visakhapatnam, District. Andhra Pradesh State)

Author(s): Dr. Ravi Teja
Abstract: Socio-economic background of a community considerably influences the attitudes, values and perceptions of the individuals composing it. So for the proper analysis of the role of social factors to political participation, a brief account of socio-economic profile of sample respondents in particular is presented in this section. The institutions do not work in vacuum; the given socio-economic and political circumstances determine the shape of the institutional process. The socio economic variables to a great extent determine the variations in political participation level. Political behaviour like any other aspects of human behaviour takes place in a particular socio-economic and cultural milieu. It is affected by social structure, economic development and historical factors combining together. Background characteristics of an individual play an important role in formulating his/her preference and decisions. The most Significant aspect of women empowerment commence with the involvement of Decision making process in the household activities. Self-help groups have been founded with this motive to create awareness among women in all the areas. There are a number of studies focusing on the contribution of self-help groups towards economic empowerment of women. Thus, this study is focused on political empowerment of women with respect to self-help groups of North Coastal Districts of Andhra Pradesh State. No attempt, however, has so far been made to study political empowerment in this otherwise an affluent region of the state.
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