International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 11 (2016)

Corporate social responsibility and business ethics in the e-economy

Author(s): Dr. Rashmi Gujrati
Abstract: Corporate social responsibility and business ethics in the old vis-à-vis the new economy. The belongings of globalization and its force on the change from the industrial to the digital era are explored. Though the behaviour of business organizations has always had a reflective worldwide impact, with the refuse of the nation state economic power has, for the first time, worn political power. At the same time, the undergoing uprising in modern in order and message technologies has notably empowered the customer. Responding to enhanced customer awareness and sympathy to business and social accountability issues -coupled with consumers' increasing capability to respond- companies in the digital age may be probable to develop even stronger cultures of corporate social responsibility, proactively seeking to increasingly honour their moral obligations to society in the 21st century. Ethical issues are a region of the corporate world that most businesses contract with on a regular basis. The significance is rising with the continuous progress of technology. Companies require being conscious of ethical obligations of their products and decisions. Time alone is a difficulty that occurs due to the fact that companies can access individuals’ information on the history of the websites a person has visited to develop customer trends through cookies, web bugs, and other means. This paper will look at different areas of ethics involved in the corporate world, such as, privacy, technological trends, and liability, as well as several other important areas.
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