International Journal of Academic Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-4197

Vol. 1, Issue 11 (2016)

Assess the status of city diplomacy in the development of international relations

Author(s): Masoumeh Bagheri, Abolfazl Zamani
Abstract: Reducing government's role in a global age results in the increasing role of national immerse players in the areas of political, social, cultural and economic, So that the entry of transnational actors in the field of foreign policy, And preferred routes and methods to be used in foreign policy to influence international relations. In the meantime, globalization and urban world of the third millennium were considered as two features that led to the changing role of cities in the international system. And the cities as a transnational identity of the importance and great potential in the global arena were, their role within city diplomacy can be explained. He research and analytical-explanatory nature and the way the library is seeking to influence city diplomacy, on relations between nations and countries will be reviewed and analyzed. Research findings show that cities with systematic approaches in the field of foreign relations, creating a sphere of influence to make cross-border policies, Transnational role in the field of security, economy, culture and communication organizations with national and international actors down, Against considerable role in developing and strengthening their international relations , As urban metropolises in line with international relations in diplomacy between different countries entered the interactions between urban metropolises in the field of international affairs, And relationships with other metropolitan areas of cooperation and interaction between different governments provide.
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